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Je suis à la maison / Je suis dans la maison

-Je suis à la maison -Je suis dans la maison

Which one is correct? If both are correct answers, how does it translate in English? I sort of understand that Je suis en la maison isn't a correct sentence... I'm trying to understand the differences among à/dans/en and its nuances. Pls help!! Thanks in advance.

March 27, 2018



Both but the meaning is slightly different. à la maison/ chez soi - at home, dans la maison - inside the house,

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yeah I can vouch for that, you'd only say "à la maison" when you're talking about where you leave, "dans la maison" can be any house depending on the context.

For instance "Je suis chez mes parents, à la maison" implies that you live at your parent's house. "Je suis chez mes parents, dans la maison" means that you're inside your parent's house but not necessarily that you live there.

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