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Japanese fluency score?

I've been doing Japanese for a few weeks now and I have noticed, unlike other languages on Duolingo it doesn't have a Fluency percentage, is this just because it's in beta? I really enjoyed having it on other languages because it was motivating in a way. Does anyone know if it will be added, if so when?


March 27, 2018



It is always hard to measures fluency of a language. It is of course motivating but also a bit misleading. I doubt that it would be possible to pass JLPT1 with current beta course with 100% fluency using just Duolingo.

I heard that Duolingo with it's current contents, teaches to a level of JLPT4-JLPT5. But there will be certainly some improvements and widening of tree over time, as it is with other languages.


Are there any other websites that teach up to the fluency of JLPT1 or 2? I'm hoping to start LingoDeer on my phone, because it is supposed to "teach any Asian language within 21 days" of course that's a bold statement which is why I'm willing to try it, also do you think they will add a Japanese story or anything of the sorts to the Stories tab in Labs?

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