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Am I going too fast on Duolingo?

Hi guys, I started studying German on Duolingo on March 6th... And so far I made 3850 XP (Level 11) I am just wondering if I'm going too fast.. What do you think? What are your experiences? Opinions appreciated. Danke schön ;)

March 27, 2018



The good thing with Duo is that everyone can learn at the pace they want and that feels right. The XP only tell us how much time you put in, not how many lessons you went down your tree. But as a general rule, if you don't have trouble remembering what you learned then you are fine - if you feel like it's too much, slow down with new lessons and repeat old ones. But the fact that you do worry about going to fast probably means you will do that anyway.

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    Due to family reasons, Spanish was super important for me to learn. I scorched through the Spanish course here in only 30 days! After that I installed other apps to start speaking to people and even started attending meetup language groups in my city. But I enjoyed the experience so it never felt "too fast" for me. In fact, I felt like it still wasn't fast enough! For the right level of motivation, there isn't any speed that's too fast. Just enjoy the journey at the speed that makes you happy. From time to time it'll make your head spin! Take care.


    thank you so much.


    Generally, I'd say no, learning a language can never be too fast. But as far as DL goes, there might be two things to look out for:

    1) Are you testing out a lot of skills? That's good, because if you know the material already, there's no reason to plough to, say, all 10 lessons of a skill. Yet it is also important that you keep reviewing the skills which you have tested out, as one test-out is not quite the same amount of practice as doing the individual lessons is.

    2) Are you spending a lot of time each day on DL? If you are not testing out, that would mean you are getting about 150-200 exp each day. Which is fine! But you should also probably be aware of the fact that DL is mostly effective because it remembers you to practice daily, not necessarily because you can blast through a lot of exp in a short amount of time. You may want to consider if it's not more useful to do 50-100 exp a day and use the extra free time on watching youtube videos in German to acquaint yourself with the way actual native speakers pronounce the words, or German radio, or start reading some (children's) books, or reading up on some grammar. By all means, keep using DL, but all I'm saying is that a mix of methods and materials is the most efficient way to actually learn German, or any language for that matter.

    Viel Glück mit deinen Studien!


    thank you very much. I started listening to German radio channels in the background already ;)


    The best way I know of how to judge your speed on Duolingo is how difficult you're finding new lessons.

    If you are making no mistakes, even in new material, then you can probably speed up.

    If you are making few mistakes, and mostly in new material/getting the old stuff right, then you're probably progressing at the right speed for you.

    If you are making a lot of mistakes, taking a long time to get through a lesson, and/or making mistakes in old material as well as new, then you probably need to slow down.

    There's no right or wrong answer, there are too many factors involved to say that it should take X amount of time to finish tree Z. The only metrics that are important are your learning and your enjoyment. If your current pace is working for you, don't worry about it.

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    Don't worry, Level 25 is at 30,000 XP ( https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2261330/XP-needed-per-level ) so you still have some work to do :-)

    Also only you can say if you're going too fast, do you remember new (and old) material? Do you struggle? ... adjust accordingly...

    Happy learning.


    That's good to know, so I've still got a looooong road ahead of me :) Danke schön


    Does it feel too fast? I'm on my 28'th day since I first tried Duolingo. Here's where I'm now. If you feel that you are going too fast, allocate more time to review. That too will give you xp though, which is a nice thing. And combine Duolingo with Youtube videos (instructional or entertaning), music, simple texts, etc. We humans are generally extremely well adapted to taking in languages.


    Well, it doesn't feel that fast actually. I 'do' review the previous lessons as well to keep em all shiny. With regards to watching videos and stuff, i don't feel ready yet and I wasn't planning to start doing that before I finish all the lessons.


    Well, if you're not used to hearing the language, I think it's a good idea to start early, and just listen to a bit of online radio or something. Not in order to understand anything at all, just to get used to hearing the language, pick up its rhythm, intonation, etc. Just a couple of minutes every day can do good. Just my experience.


    will do thank you. Are there any streams you can recommend?


    I used to listen to some German radio station that I streamed online, but I forget what it was. You could probably find something interesting here:



    wow, this looks great.. vielen dank :)


    Hey! Wow Congrats! I started leaning german year two years ago but it was only recently that I started really focusing on it. I think it's really good that you are making such a huge progress in less than a month. Although I think you must reflect on how you are learning and if this methode is working. Sometimes I learn multiple new lessons in just one day and then I realize I didn't really memorized/understood what I learnt so I take them again and again until I feel confident with it. My opinion is that everyone should just find his/her own rythem of learning. I hope this was helpful! Übe weiter!


    As we say in English, time flies when you're having fun.


    Sometimes I feel like I'm going too fast, but what I like about Duolingo is that I can easily always start from the beginning (or at least test myself on past topics). In fact, I usually test myself many times on older topics before moving on to new ones. Viel Erfolg :)


    Just by looking at your XP's, all I can say is just a huge WOW! :) Danke schön :)


    Hi Emre,

    what happens if you review the words you have previously learned on Memrise/AnkiSRS (self-rating your answer)?

    Can you RECALL them the next days when you translate from L1 English by typing (Duo web portal, Memrise "all typing" user script) / self-rating (Anki) them into L2 German target language?

    Don't use tapping on the DuoLingo mobile app.
    With too many hints you do not train recalling, but more remembering (recognition)!

    Can you easily follow the short-term 4h + 12h + 1 day repetitions?
    What happens for the 6/12....days longer SR intervals?

    The are DuoLingo vocabulary clone courses available on https://www.memrise.com/courses/english/german/?q=duolingo


    My opinion is that you are going to fast. This can be bad because you are not giving yourself enough time to really learn it, so I would start to slow down.


    If you are motivated and you have enough time just go for it.


    If you are happy and comfortable with your learning speed and retention, have at it! Everyone learns at their own pace.

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