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New update on french tree gone

I got the new update on the french tree yesterday when I was practising on my phone, however when I opened it up today to continue all those new sweet, sweet skills were gone : ( ?

On the site there was a popup that mentioned the update, but I'm still on the "old" tree without Body, Weather etc.

Anyone sitting on any information or clarification, I'm feeling confused!

Cheers /Felix

March 27, 2018



Given this announcement (made few minutes ago hence after your discussion), what must have happened is that the new version was by mistake to some users a few hours earlier than planned.

Note that due to the fact it was a mistake/bug, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the users who have had it for few minutes during this unwanted release would mention they don't have it now that the tree is A/B tested.


Same issue... what a tease that was ! Mon Dieu lol


Hey FelixNorda could you please move this to the "Troubleshooting" forum, you'll get better results there. To move it click edit, go to the top left corner and switch it to Troubleshooting.

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