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Refusal to accept correct trabslation

I have typed "Entschuldigung, aber diese Genehmigung ist uberhaupt gar nichts wert" at least 5 times, once or twice with minor typos which are usually overlooked by Duo, and it is still not accepted. Can anyone show me the mistake I'm making in this audio only sentence?

March 27, 2018



At first you mixed up two possible answers in a sentence. It's possible to use überhaupt (with ''ü'') or ''gar'' before the ''nichts''. But both words in a sentence is not nessesary.

So you have the sentences:

''Entschuldigung, aber diese Genehmigung ist überhaupt nichts wert.''


''Entschuldigung, aber diese Genehmigung ist gar nichts wert.''

Both sentences should be possible because they have the same meaning. But I don't know what the audio says exactly.


I just listened again, and it was just as you said. Many thanks.

[deactivated user]

    I'm guessing it has to do with the "gar" word you added.

    I think on audio-only questions you have to write exactly what it's said.


    hm maybe it is because u forgot the dots on top of the u?

    uberhaupt instead of überhaupt. it is the only failure i can see in this sentence.

    if you cant write ü on your keyboard you can write it as ueberhaupt since the ü is a joint sound of u and e.

    but you said it is audio? means you have to speak it? if so i can't know what you are doing wrong without hearing your pronunciation.

    tip: to speak the ü form a kiss with ur lips and try to make a sound inbetween u and e.

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