"We have schools in five cities."

Translation:Máme školy v pěti městech.

March 27, 2018

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i put "v peti mestech mame skoly" bad word order?


It is very, very unusual.


It should be accepted, provided you wrote it correctly.


Is it okay to write máme v pěti městech školy?


Yes, it's a correct sentence. Just be aware of what information you're giving.

  • Where do you have schools? In how many towns? --- Máme školy v pěti městech.
  • What kind of institutions do you have in (five) towns? --- Máme v pěti městech školy (not theaters or offices or something else).

As you can see, the context for your sentence is a lot less likely, but possible.


Thank you both @AgnusOinas and @VladuFu for the answers. As always, it's all about the context and that stress is at the end of the sentence. I think I'll get it eventually by using the language more.


How do we know when to use Školach vs Školy?


We know which case form to use by analyzing the sentence. Here, "schools" is the direct object of the verb "have," so we need the accusative plural form of škola, which is školy. Školách is locative plural, which would be used, for example, if speaking about where someone/something is.

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