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New Modules in the French Tree

I just switched back to my French from English tree after working the last few days to restrengthen my English from French tree and found that there were a bunch of new modules added.

I had 66 modules left to complete the tree now. I am excited that there are new skills to learn, but I do have a few questions and concerns.

I have been testing out of the early modules, but they contain no new vocabulary or usage. So I am confused as to why I have to redo them.

Also, It would be great if they opened the checkpoints back up so I could test out of all of the early stuff at once rather than having 1/3 lessons to complete for a single module. Also, getting sick of typing things like: "Le garçon mange une pomme."

Anyone else have their tree mostly done and get the new modules? What do you think?

March 27, 2018



See this official announcement (posted few hours after your discussion).


I'm not certain I'm following you. A few questions if you don't mind:

  • Looking at your French XPs, your French tree must have been golden for quite a while. True?

  • Did Duolingo just switch you over the the new "crowns" structure?

  • By "modules" do you mean "skills" ("Basics 1", "Basics 2") or something else?


I believe they mean the latter? The French incubation team has been working on a tree update for awhile, and they've been saying they were just about ready to implement it. Mine's still the old tree, but maybe they're doing a staggered rollout? The Crown update still hasn't come through yet for me either.


Given the number of staggered/overlapping roll-outs, I'm amazed and thankful for how kind the moderators/user forums are.

And thanks for letting me know that my French tree will be changing soon. There's nothing quite like living on quicksand!

(NB: I think DL is a great website. No complaints. Just my sense of humor coming thru.)


I just got the new French tree around the same time this topic was posted. I still don't have crowns yet.


Yes, I do mean skills rather than modules. I don't know anything about the crowns structure. I have many more skills in my tree and it decided that I hadn't completed 66 of them. Most of it so far seems to be just the same words and grammar just broken out into multiple skills.


It's very exciting to know the new modules are being released now! I haven't got the crowns yet or the new French modules - so much to wait for!


I am horrified by this new French tree at least for now. For last 10 days I have been strengthening my French skills after a long break. My idea was to strengthen old skills before starting to learn new ones. Today I had only a couple of old skills left to strengthen, when the tree system suddenly changed. Now even the most basics skills are locked and I should test them out before being able to move on. Strengthening starts from beginning.. I hope this is just a nightmare, which will be fixed by tomorrow morning.


It is frustrating for advanced students having to go back to extreme basics .


Man, today I got hit with the crowns update, and now there is NO WAY to test out of basic skills. I just got about halfway through testing out of all of the stuff one skill at a time then they switch me to another test. Now they claim I have not mastered anything at all. Back to the uber basics!!! Une fille, une pomme.

This probably makes sense for people to start with. But this is really stupid for people that had finished their trees. Really makes it impossible to know what you really need to work on or what words you might not have learned that were just added. This roll out was not thought out at all.


I love it. I think it's much better organized this way.

Interestingly, I don't (normally) hover over words anymore. I have found I will complete one lesson and it counts me as done for two others (that I didn't start.) I'm not complaining, at any rate.


Are you clicking on the individual lesson or where the strengthen button usually is? Because if you haven't finished 2 of the lessons, there is a test out button where the strengthen button usually is. I suspect you are actually testing out of the remaining lessons within the skill.

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