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Sentence problems

I wrote the correct sentence for "Generally, I don't read at night.", which was "Generalmente yo no leo de noche" and when I sent it in, it switched to "Generalmente yo no leo la noche."

What the heck.

I reported it but I don't understand which is the correct answer? Did I make another mistake that I didn't see? I don't think I did, but it's possible. It still made me a little mad because it didn't take my answer. I was very close to getting everything correct, it was just that one sentence that I got wrong, so of course I was mad.

March 27, 2018



There are 2 possibilities: "de noche" or "en la noche". If the right answer was only "la noche", please report it.


It should be either "de noche" or "en la noche"

Duolingo has been changing a lot of stuff around over the last few months, and recently they've been changing the course material like sentences and such with the implementation of the new crown system. Something similar to this happened to me the other night, so I think it's just because the course content is being changed a bit.

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