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"Il prend des livres pour le week-end."

Translation:He takes books for the weekend.

March 27, 2018



Would not "fin de semaine" be a better translation for "weekend"? This is how it is done in Spanish: "fin de semana."

[deactivated user]

    They just happen to use "le week-end" in Europe. "Fin de semaine" is standard in Canada, though.

    Incidentally, the Academie recommends "fin de la semaine" (note the extra la), so you might occasionally see that too.


    do acadiennes also use fin de semaine or weekend?

    generally how close are quebecois and acadien french?

    [deactivated user]

      I can't speak too much about their similarities -- I'm just learning Canadian French, so I don't know all the details, just the important differences.

      But yes, as far as I know, Acadian French uses fin de semaine too.


      Great catch. In fact, "fin de semaine" is more common in Canadian French.


      Ouais, c'est convenable aussi


      The French call it le weekend.


      In Italian "fine settimana" but also "weekend" for the ones who think they appear more 'educated' if they use English words


      Just like English adopt French words into the language, French does the same with English.


      I saw « ouiquènde » being used for week-end (in fact here-http://www.sudouest.fr/2015/02/13/un-ouiquende-de-fruits-rustiques-et-gouteux-1828938-1354.php). Is this a valid way to spell week-end or is the writer of this article playing with words?


      Because it's in quotes, I have a feeling it's just a pun. I've never seen "ouiquènde" in French.


      Des livres does not allow to say here some books.


      Hi.Il semble qu'il y ait un problème avec la prononciation.Au lieu d'entendre "livres"j'entends soit "membres" soit "nombres"Il faudrait corriger cela je pense.Bye


      I think it should be "he takes some books for the weekend," it sounds more grammatical to me.


      I just loved the lengthy drawn out pronunciation of "weeeeek-end"

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