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  5. "qurmo' verengan chot 'avwI'."

"qurmo' verengan chot 'avwI'."

Translation:Because the Ferengi was greedy, the guard murdered him.

March 27, 2018



This sentence REEEEEEALLY needs a comma to set the subordinate clause off from the main clause. Even set off, it's not at all clear whom the guard murders.


We discussed these kinds of sentences and thought it might be nice to let the user wonder which was the best translation, then whichever they choose is actually fine because it could be interpreted a couple different ways.


Ah - does this mean the sentence is deliberately ambiguous about who is greedy - the Ferengi or the guard?


A comma could help clarify depending on where it was placed.

qurmo' verengan, chot 'avwI' can only mean that the Ferengi is greedy, but leaves a slight ambiguity of who the guard killed (much like the English sentence "Because the Ferengi is greedy, the guard killed him").

qurmo', verengan chot 'avwI' makes it clear that it was the Ferengi that was killed, but now makes it ambiguous as to who was greedy. It is no more ambiguous than the similar English sentence, "Because he was greedy, the guard killed the Ferengi."

I sort of like how without the comma I can imagine the Ferengi doing double duty and being both the subject of the first clause and the object of the second clause. But that's not grammatical. You really should choose which verb you are going to attach verengan to. However, we have left it to each user to determine for themselves which clause they are going to attach it to and we have included most if not all of the variations.

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