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The new French tree is here! (under A/B test)

Bonjour, tout le monde !

Hello French learners!

We have some exciting news. After several intense (but fun) months of hard work, the volunteer French team has recently submitted a new version of the French tree for English speakers: Version 3.0. It is now undergoing an A/B test.

This means that some of you will notice significant changes in your tree. We promise that this is a good thing. Now is your opportunity to learn more French!

1 {@style=color:#8000ff}What changes were made?

New and improved skills

We have extended the tree from 78 to 95 skills (excluding the bonus skills). Some are extensions of older skills. Some of them are completely new. To name a few: Weather 1 & 2, Food 2, Body Parts, Pronominal Verbs, Countries, Technology, Animals 2, etc.

You can now learn how to complain when it's freezing cold outside, order a rare steak in a restaurant, warn your friends not to share their emails, tell people what your favorite app is, and much more... all in French!

Additional vocabulary

We have added hundreds of new words. I don't know the exact number, but so many. Some of my favorites: escargot, tartine, hibou, texto, logiciel, s'amuser, remercier, tonnerre, éclaircie, effrayant, mignon.

New sentences

Of course, you won't see all the new sentences, but we wrote at least a thousand more. We try to be adventurous and informative, but still putting the Duolingo twist to them.

Rearrangement of lessons

Most of the units in the old tree were rearranged to ensure you're getting a great learning experience. We tried to shorten most of the skills that have 10 lessons. We have also removed some problematic words and sentences.

More focus on the tough grammar points

This means more exercises about the pronouns "en" and "y", conjugation of pronominal verbs, the near future and recent past, "il est" vs. "c'est", etc.

A multitude of other behind the scenes changes

It's important to note that this is not an advanced French course, rather an improved course aimed mostly for beginners and intermediate learners. An important purpose of this new tree is to rectify the structure of the French course, and we did that. Not only will it be a better course for beginning learners, but it is now set up for better course updates in the future.

2 {@style=color:#8000ff}How can I get this new course?

We have no control over who gets the new French tree. Unfortunately, you cannot request to be added or removed. This is an A/B test. This means that Duolingo has to gather metrics from a random sampling of users before deciding whether to expand the new course to everybody or to revert to the old one (cringe).

It is possible that you may not see the new tree at all. It is also possible that this new tree is your French tree from now on. For others, you will have to wait to get the new tree. It all depends on learning metrics.

3 {@style=color:#8000ff}I have the new tree. What do I do with it?

  • If you have the new course, your tree will appear incomplete. It's up to you how you want to "finish" your tree (...or finish again, for the experienced learners) and get that golden owl. You can even restart it if you so wish.
  • Please report errors within the lesson as you encounter them. We have written new sentences, so there will be plenty of omissions and mistakes. User reports are always greatly appreciated by us and future French learners. Just remember that we're a small team, and there are millions of French learners. It takes time to see every user report.
  • There are no changes with the audio, unfortunately. It is still a third-party TTS system, over which we have very limited control.
  • Continue to ask questions in the sentence discussions. We always try to answer them when we see them. Most of you know that we are some of the most active contributors around, especially with answering questions in the forums.

4 {@style=color:#8000ff}What's next for the French team?

  • The improvement of the course is never over. We will monitor the statistics of the A/B test as much as we are allowed to and make adjustments as necessary.
  • Unfortunately, the Tips and Notes are still incomplete. And because of the recent changes, some grammar notes may have been misplaced. We are trying our best to rearrange and rewrite them.
  • Non-structural issues such as user reports, sentences, and translations are always on our radar.
  • Our presence in the forums and sentence discussions will continue. We like answering your questions about French.
  • We have not forgotten about the reverse tree. The work over there is always on-going.

5 {@style=color:#8000ff}Last words

We understand that not everyone will like the changes, especially for those who are currently working on the tree. Why in the world do I have to repeat old exercises? Why are my golden skills not golden anymore? Why am I locked out of my old skills now? Sorry about that. There will be some pains as this transition occurs.

However, we do believe that we have done the best we can with our resources to present a new and complete French course. We only hope that you will like it... now or eventually.

Please direct questions and concerns about the new tree version to this post, and we will try to address them.

{@style=color:darkgreen}This project is brought to you because of the hard work of the volunteer French team of course contributors. We have dedicated a huge portion of our lives these last few months to ensure the proper teaching of the language we all love. We are a 24/7 crew. We are united by our passion for teaching and learning languages and the belief that everyone should have a chance to learn French for free. I would like to thank my fellow team members from the bottom of my heart for their excellent contributions every single day. Sitesurf, CommeuneTexane, jrikhal, n6zs, and our alpha tester extraordinaire: Trofaste. You are all wonderful.

Thank you for reading, and thank you very much for your patience.

Bonne journée et bon apprentissage !

27 mar 2018

March 27, 2018

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Hi Duolingo!

I hope your admin are seeing this. I have some feedback about the new French tree. Both bad and good. I still don't know how I feel about it overall. However, I will try to be as optimistic as possible.

Pros: There are now 95 skills rather than 78! That is awesome, I cannot wait to learn them all, and it will certainly be more of a challenge because the French tree used to be one of the shortest trees here.

-For me, that is about the only pro, however, it is a very joyous one and I am ecstatic to learn these new skills

Also, I get extra lingots when I test out of the "non-completed" skills that I know. However, I have nothing to spend my lingots on in the shop anymore because I already bought everything (hint hint)

Con: The biggest con for me is that before, I have learned multiple skills before the update, 31 to be exact. Now when the update shows up, I'm not sure what it did to my tree or what code it runs on. If I'm not mistaken, the time lesson is almost the exact same as before. However, now, the tree says that I have only learned 2/9 skills for time, when really I have learned all nine skills and I am proficient in all of them. I don't want to:

need to retest out of all the 23 once golden, now non-golden lessons.

need to relearn lessons

It also bugs me that some lessons like "basics one" 0/2 skills completed. I know this might be a bug in the new system, but seriously Duolingo? I know what "Je, Je m'appelle, garçon, fille, etc." means! It is very annoying AND DISCOURAGING (keep that in mind with other users, I will continue, but I guarantee that some others have quit because of this test) that is says that super simple skills are not mastered nor completed. You need to figure out a way to update the info correctly based on

What you mastered before

How many times that someone has practiced a certain word

The skills that were once golden do need to be golden. I feel like I reset my entire tree!

I hope this feedback helps! Try to imagine the feeling when you are in someone like my shoes!

Thanks, -Noabji


I agree! I was literally one lesson away from completing the entire tree, and now I basically need to redo the entire thing... It's discouraging to say the least.


Please don't be discouraged. It is exciting to learn new words and be presented with new grammar, etc. I have been doing duolingo for 1,526 days and "finished" by French tree years ago and got to level 25 years ago. I then completed French to English, then Spanish and then French to Spanish. My current goal is to keep all 4 trees golden at least once a week and to eventually get to level 25 in all 4 trees. Then who knows. I am excited to eventually get these new lessons. Yes, my French tree will no longer be completely golden but it will give me a new challenge. The idea is to become so familiar with the French words and phrase that they simply roll off your tongue. That takes time and lots of practice.


I am really impressed that you have 564 days done!! You are amazing! Just think how much faster it will be to complete the levels as you now have so much more knowledge. Keep going and don't despair!


I've never found anything I cared to spend lingots for. I just let them accumulate and it makes me feel good, like shiny stars on my paper in second grade.


I like giving away my lingots to the other people in the discussion.

[deactivated user]


    Yea, I wish there were other things we could spend it on. Like a full blown out shop or something.


    If it's any consolation, you can get through the earlier ones quite quickly and we'll all have to face these things at some point. Better now than later when you have gotten your golden owl and have it fly away, eh?


    Not if you only do one lesson per day. This is so frustrating for me. I don't know where I was in my lessons and now it's all changed. I feel like I wasted three months that I committed to using Duolingo once per day.


    I don't know where I was in my lessons

    What is sure is that you were at below the last skill among those with

    • a crown on them, if you have the crown system
    • the number of completed lessons of the skill not to 0, if you don't have the crown system

    So, given the above and according to your account(°), you were at least below "Conjonctions 1".
    Yes, it could be you were far below that (see below), but it's already a first information. ;)

    (°) looking at "missing_lessons" parameters that are at 0 so using web-browser's search engine and ask it (exactly) for missing_lessons":0

    Now, reading

    one lesson per day. [...] I wasted three months

    It means you did approx 100 lessons in the old tree which corresponds to "Occupation" skill.
    90 lessons done would be around "infinitive 1" skill and 120 would be around "Objects" skill.


    That was very geeky and insightful. Tanks.


    Oh, that must be quite troublesome then. Maybe do more than that for a few days just to get the beginning bit behind you? Because after the first few it get's a lot more bearable and interesting and possibly less discouraging. If you have enough time for it, that is.

    Sorry for assuming you did more. I would probably forget most of the lessons if I only did one a day so I thought it would be similar for others.


    Thank you so much, both for the huge amount of work you put into this and for the very detailed information.

    I got the updated version, so I'll start working on the new skills right away!


    While it is slightly annoying to have to go back through many levels of “the boy eats an apple” and other such sentences, I appreciate the work put in to better this free language resource. If I’m honest, my French could use a bit of a reboot anyway!

    I was quite confused when I opened the app and saw that I had 15 additional skills “unlocked” past the skill I’ve been at (occasionally keeping my tree gold) for about 2 years - some of these are the new skills, but I’m pretty sure others, such as politics and medical, were several levels ahead of me. Is this part of the reordering? I’m just trying to get my head round what of my 90% “unlocked but not learnt” tree is new so I can get my teeth into some fun stuff :)


    As far as I know, because of the reordering of the vocabulary, a word you've learned (in the previous tree) that has been relocated into a new locked skill will cause that skill to be unlocked. If there are any new vocabulary in a skill, it should show you that this skill has not been completed. This is where the new "fun stuff" are.


    I have a question about that-So I have finished my tree (so I don't have any locked skills), and do not have the new version, so if/when I get it, because of the 17 new lessons, will I lose the owl at the bottom of my tree showing I finished? If so, will it come back after I complete the 17 new lessons? Also, if/when the update happens to my account (after its out of A/B testing) will the 17 new lessons be locked? And sorry, one other question (I know I've asked a lot in this comment) Is this change only happening to the French tree or to all the language trees?


    will I lose the owl at the bottom of my tree showing I finished?

    Sadly, yes. My owl has flown the nest.

    If so, will it come back after I complete the 17 new lessons?

    I certainly believe so.

    Also, if/when the update happens to my account (after its out of A/B testing) will the 17 new lessons be locked?

    I had one lesson (Body) locked. The rest I can do in any order I want.

    Is this change only happening to the French tree or to all the language trees?

    Most trees are constantly under development and being improved upon. A new version of a tree can take years until it is ready to be released. They are not all released at the same time.


    Alright, sounds great-thanks for all the time and effort put into this new update!


    Many, many thanks -- I'm looking forward to seeing the new structure.

    It's unbelievable that "hibou" wasn't in the old tree !!! I'm glad it's included now.


    I am an intermediate/advanced learner and do my lessons on my phone. I was well into my tree, and I went on this morning to discover everything has changed and I now have to go back to the very beginning! Right back to 'Oui, Non, Une Fille, L'homme' etc. Very very frustrating!!!! Surely you could have avoided this in your redesign..


    1000+ days of French on Duolingo and it feels like I'm back to square one. :(


    100% agree. I can't bear re-doing that basic stuff again from my phone. I just deleted the app. I'll just try to do a bunch of it from the desktop version... :/


    I appreciate your improvements. Unfortunately it messed up the course for advanced users. Having to go back to complete basics is a major letdown.


    Merci beaucoup! Je n’ai pas le nouvel arbre encore, mais je l’éspere avec plaisir. Merci beaucoup pour tout le travail de l’equipe français!


    De rien, Silvia.

    le nouvel arbre :-)


    Thanks for all the hard work. It was a shock when all the golden apples died, but now I understand.


    I mean it's probably a good thing but I had over 55 golden and I had finished the course and now I have 5 golden and i'm back to basics 1 :(


    If that's the case you can just test out of the ones you've already done pretty simply. If you actually know the material well enough.

    If not, it doesn't hurt to brush up. The review of basic stuff is certainly helping me out. IMO


    In my case, there are over 60 to "test out". 60!


    How exciting, and heartfelt thanks to everyone who works hard to make learning French with Duolingo so memorable. Reawakening those old neural pathways from school is a stellar experience.

    Having recently finished the French tree, I'm hoping I'll get the new one soon, though I'm having a blast working on the reverse tree at the moment. I'm tempted to go back to the French tree to look, but I have an irrational fear that I'll somehow appear to have quit the reverse tree if I do so.

    Great thanks again to a phenomenal and dedicated team.


    To the old French learners: After having surprised and almost fainted :) viewing my tree colorful again, don't worry much!. My view is to keep doing the same. No owl lost, no fluency lost, so pretend that nothing happened. I continue general strengthening exercises as before and I crunch XPs. Should I abanbon my French tree? No. A bit disappointed though. I expected a French 2 tree for intermediate and advanced learners. And this is fair for intermediate learners. It is too boring to start from scratch!

    To learners who didn't finished the tree yet: I think it is unfair for you. The only I can think about you is to make more tests to make your tree gold again to the level you really are now and then going on as usual. Good luck, pals! Duolingo should have you in mind and introduce the new tree to the newbies ONLY! Think about it French team! Or ask learners which tree they prefer. Anyway...


    Duolingo should have you in mind and introduce the new tree to the newbies ONLY! Think about it French team!

    This sort of decision is out of the French team's hands. We do not make the decision about who receives the new test tree and who does not, how long the test runs, or what ultimately happens at the end of the test phase. All we can do is try to improve upon the old tree to make the experience better.


    I suppose you are in a closer contact with the Duolingo team. If not, I am sorry. I know that the new tree is much more impoved. BUT major changes in every educational platform should be prepared thoroughly. This is almost a law in Educational Systems, considering Duolingo as a huge one, even not a formal one. So as to get prepared psychologically and mentally. Ok, it is a good chance to remember how to write some words like aujourd'hui , but, pals, do you know that I have finished the French tree one year ago and I am still trying to make zero mistakes? This the only motivation left. Should I stop French? No, I know people using French Duolingo for years! Duolingo is based in high motivation. It is so bizarre and really frustrating that I have got 71% fluency in French and my tree is almost all colorful now. What should I fight for? I have no other motivation anymore. Should I wait till my fluency go back to 30 to 40. It is a solution. But this was not my schedule. At least Duolingo should think the old learners, they are really Duolingo friends! There are many ways to introdruce a new tree. Ok, it is not something bad to death, but it is really weird! That's why I proposed a transient period and the old ones should have been asked what they prefer. I go on my practice as before and I will never look at the colors of my tree again :) It is a fake tree to me... :)


    Hi Stergi,

    You followed me several months ago and are one of only 35 users I followed back. What a great decision! You, Mr. Febro and a handful of others keep me motivated. While I'm thrilled to earn 1,000 XPs per week, you earn thousands, motivating me each day to try a bit harder. You are a major reason for my persisting with Russian and, to some extent, French.

    I agree 100% with your posts. The roll-out of the new French tree was badly planned. Sure, taking away golden leaves was inevitable. But golden owls? Why not ask us to give back our undergraduate degrees in chemistry because, lo and behold, they didn't comprehend subsequent scientific advancements? It's lunacy. I can't think of reasonable precedent anywhere. Sure, Roger Maris' home run record has an asterisk next to it because his season lasted a few more games than Babe Ruth's. But they didn't erase him from the record books. And the IOC didn't retroactively reassign Olympic medals based on updated judging criteria after the 2002 Winter Games. And Oscars haven't been revoked because of changing social mores or evolving film-making standards.

    I am writing here because I've noticed how long-time, committed users have been down-voted if they express even the slightest displeasure with the "upgrade" -- this from anonymous and, I will venture to assert, less assiduous users. I just spent 5 hours restoring my first three sections to gold. It was a boring, mind-numbing experience from which I learned absolutely NOTHING. To be honest, it was worse. There were so many "not-ready-for-prime-time" questions that I had to re-take several tests. Imagine not accepting "to speak" as a translation of "parler"! The new leaf demanded "to talk". This borders on insanity.

    Please don't drop the course. Suck it up, curse the Gods that let DL operate in a consumer-relations vacuum, and continue to be part of the under-represented community of committed, long-term DL users who actually motivate (as opposed to denigrate) each other.



    I hadn't finished my tree yet but I'm very happy I got the new tree already :)


    It's not that bad, we just need to redo a good part of the beginning lessons, in a lot of the fist ones they just got rearranged/put in words that were introduced a few lessons later. Not ideal but not a catastrophe, at least if you don't do very little xp daily.


    I was very close to the bottom of the tree, and I went on today to get my daily duolingo in. Low and behold, the tree is all out of order, and the constant hard work and uncountable amount of time I put in learning and mastering the skills of the tree seem gone in a sense. The way the description above put it was that the choosing of who gets the new tree is random, which I don't seem to be in favor of. I would personally like to see the restoration of the previous tree, with all my skills and progress returned. Thank you.


    The progress is still there. You have still learned the material and your valuable time was put to good use by mastering those skills. Now you have the opportunity to learn new skills as well as some vocabulary in a few of the old skills. The tree looks different, but this is a chance to expand your knowledge. The old tree does not have many of the concepts that the new tree does. If your goal is to learn French, this can only help!


    I was looking for the gratification of reaching the bottom of the tree and was nearly there, but without any notice, I was somehow randomly selected to try this new version of the tree?


    Yes, but I almost had a stroke, as all tree had been colorful again! Anyway! I have to start from scratch or leave French for some time! I have to think about it. It is a Sisyphus' torture to start again after one year and more. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sisyphus


    No need to start from scratch! You should have many skills already completed. You can test drive a new skill or see if any new content has been added to an older one. You are in the driver's seat. Good luck, have fun!

    [deactivated user]

      I am not very happy with this. I don't mind learning more, but it is highly obnoxious that since the checkpoints are already passed, I am not allowed to test out of more than one skill at a time. If I have the knowledge I should be allowed to have the option of using those checkpoints again to pass the updated skills. Is there any fix for this, that doesn't involve resetting and doing the whole tree again? Thank you for your efforts anyways. I am excited to see if there are more words I don't know.


      Testing out after the checkpoints would be a nice feature, I completely agree. However, the skills that aren't (golden/crown level 1/completed) have some new vocabulary words, so it might be worth it to try them again to see if you can learn something new.


      New vocabulary words like "je, m'appelle, suis, une, fille, un, garçon, oui, non"?. Yeah, I don't think so.


      Thank you for your hard work, but I am somewhat disappointed. I am halfway finished with my tree, and suddenly my progress is gone. I wasn't made aware that this was happening, and I kind of panicked. I didn't understand what was going on until I came upon this post. Is there a way for duolingo to give us our progress back? Even a notification of what was going on via email would have put some worries aside.

      I am not trying to complain or seem ungrateful. I love learning French, and duolingo has been an excellent resource.


      My fluency and level didn't change, so I don't consider that progress was lost in that sense. I was surprised to see all those colors on basic levels, but I just started blowing through the lessons. They seem short, and it's easy when you've been doing it. Maybe a bit tedious, but I'm so grateful for this free and effective way to play with languages.


      I agree. The lessons do go quickly when you redo them. And, man am I going to be so good at talking about dudes eating red apples when I go to Paris this summer!


      The fluency doesn't go down with the addition of the new material, but practicing the new material doesn't raise the fluency, either. In fact, spending time doing the new lessons takes time away from the review that would keep the fluency score from falling, so your fluency will drop if you're not careful.


      I'm on the new Crown system, and both my fluency score and access to SRS are gone, which has made me concerned re: how to allocate/maximize my time on the tree.

      It's very human to practice the easy stuff, which I'm trying to avoid.

      I'm developing a method, but I'm all ears if you have suggestions re: how to keep fluency from dropping.


      I was taking notes 'chronologically" down the tree by hand and now I have no idea what I've taken notes on, what is missing or was added to each section. This just made me more confused, and now I feel like 6 months of work was for nothing, really wish we could have opted in or out of this. I may try to learn French a different way now.


      I'm sorry about that. Changes can be very difficult. I hope you keep your notes for reference; they are still valuable if they help you remember the concepts you've learned in French. Your time has not at all been wasted. You have gained new knowledge in French! You have skills that you did not have six months ago. Wherever your studies take you, whether here on Duolingo or elsewhere, I wish you "bonne chance et bonne continuation !"


      I'm all in favour of learning new skills in French, but for advanced learners to have to go RIGHT back to "Oui, Non, Je suis un garçon, Je suis une fille" etc is thoroughly frustrating! So much so that I am considering finding another app


      When I opened duolingo up today I was really scared, where had some of my golden skills gone? But now I get it! Thanks so much for putting so much effort in this course, you guys do a precious, great work! Going through Basics 01 again is really not that nice, but knowing there's a reason for that makes up for it. Gonna start it rn


      First off, thank you for all of the hard work you put into this tree and for making it the best you can. Secondly, I would have appreciated if some sort of notification going along the lines of "Hey everyone you may be put into a French tree 3.0 A/B test." Sorry if I missed a note to that effect, I haven't been in a test before so far as I'm aware, so I may have ignored it thinking that it wouldn't effect me for a while. Thanks again for all your hard work.


      I haven't been in a test before so far as I'm aware

      Yes you have.

      1. Duo is running hundreds of A/B tests all the time (there are almost 1000 right now), so you're for sure in the "group that test the new feature or the new version of a feature" for many of them. you just don't notice it.
      2. Everyone is always part of all A/B tests. Either on the group that have the new (version of the) feature or in the "control" group. Everyone is always participating (without knowing most of the time) either as part of the "control group" or as "experiment group".

      If something has changed for you (=if during this A/B test, you are in the "experiment group" hence you have the new tree) then you should see a banner on top of the tree.
      Unfortunately, it seems to appear with some delay (at least it did for me).


      The banner and the changed tree appeared at the same time for me. Imagine my surprise... Also I should have clarified that I meant that I seem to normally be in the control group and this is the first experimental group that I believe I've been a part of. I believe that the last change I received after the test was over. Thanks again for your hard work on this tree jrikhal.


      I'm convinced you're in the experiment group of hundreds of current A/B tests. You can go to https://www.duolingo.com/users/nskutt and look with your browser search-engine for the word "experiment"(°). You'd be very very (un)lucky if among the near 1000 current A/B tests, you have been (randomly) put to no "experiment" group or if you were only in a few dozens.

      The thing is that most of the A/B tests are unnoticed but they do exist and the probability to be in the experiment group is 50% for each test.

      (°) only you can see on that page the information about in what group you belong to for each A/B tests.


      Wow you're right I am in a lot of "experiment" groups (assuming that I read the data correctly). It looks like a decent amount are for the apps (which I don't use) and the rest I guess I just don't notice. Thanks for showing me that.


      I had no idea either and I searched "true" and it had 258 pop up (as long as the true were about the experiment) but I counted 48 on my own then got sick of counting lol


      When I first signed in this morning, I saw the old tree -- but the two lessons that were next for me didn't load correctly. I did one round of practice, and when I went back to the home page, I got the new tree. The banner is tiny grey print on grey background, not exactly prominent. I'm glad I rooted around and found your explanation, but a direct link on the banner itself would have been useful.

      • 1676

      exactly the same here~

      ps: I am refreshing this page again and again



      Surprised and confused when I finished a lesson and my tree suddenly rearranged itself (and my golden owl disappeared), but I'm loving the changes - thanks.

      Having new skills to learn also helps give focus now that the crown system did away with the SRS

      I hope the skill levels get tweaked and revision reminders make a comeback, (and most other changes are a mixed bag), but thought I'd comment that the tree reshuffle is great. Along with stories, I think it's 100% an improvement to the site.


      How can I get back the old version? I tried to cover the entire course and am left with about 1/3. I am on an advanced level and all my covered lessons were golden. It is frustrating having to go back to extreme basics.


      I don't think you can. However, I've been testing out of everything I already know, which gives you lots of XP for comparatively little work.


      Back to « je suis un garçon » after guilding the entire tree.... shame you can’t test out whole sections rather than categories if you already had completed the tree.

      Oh well, let’s see how first and accurate I can be


      Mon arbre est doré une fois de plus. Il m'a fallu cinq jours.


      It took me six months to get every lesson golden, and I've kept it that way for two years, and now I have to do it all over again, with no way to test out of big chunks at a time?! I know this - let me test out! Thanks, but no thanks.


      I'm sorry that you lost your golden tree; it takes an impressive amount of time and work to maintain an entirely golden tree! It would be nice to be able to test out. However, I hope this can still be an opportunity to learn more French since a lot of new vocabulary has been added. I assume that is your ultimate goal?


      No, it has been more a way to remember all of the French I learned in high school and college. That's one of the reasons it is so frustrating to not be able to test out except lesson by lesson - I know this stuff!

      I've kept my tree golden mainly because it's a thing to do, but I'm trying to actually learn Russian and it's taking forever because I also do french and Italian every day to keep both of those golden.


      Couldn't have expressed myself better. Not happy with the new roll-out.


      Thank you for all of the hard work. I love seeing some new vocabulary and grammar.

      My only suggestion before you fully deploy the changes would be to reopen the checkpoints so you can test out of the skills you have already mastered.

      I had finished my tree before the change and it says that I have reached all of my checkpoints and it is a little tedious doing the beginning of the tree again typing the same sentences to test out of various skills.


      My only suggestion before you fully deploy the changes would be to reopen the checkpoints so you can test out of the skills you have already mastered.

      This is (unfortunately) not controlled by volunteers (some of them read that discussion) but by staff (I'm not sure any reads this discussion, created by volunteers).

      To share this suggestion with Duolingo,

      • you can fill this form
        IMO, as a "Bug report (web)" and stating that there is a bug not letting you test out skills of a new tree version.
      • You could also create a (new) discussion in the General Duolingo forum (not in the one specific for this course) suggesting to Duo that, in the future, when they release a new tree version (either for A/B test or for full release), they reopen the shortcuts/test outs.

      The first way will send an email directly to staff. The second let other show support to the idea and if it has enough it may be noticed by Duo staff/employees.


      Thank you for pointing that out!! Good suggestion. I had figured that posting it as a reply to the closest thing to an official announcement would catch staff attention, and based on the way the original post was written, it seemed like it was written by a staff member.

      But I will check out the form and look into posting it on the general forum as well. Cheers!



      • staff members have blue ring with a star
      • volunteers (Course contributors, Forum moderators, Host and Teachers) have a green or orange ring with an earth.

      Right now, you should see on this page examples for staff and of orange-volunteers (maybe even an example of green one if it stays there).


      Does the new tree have more opportunity for english to french translations or is it still heavily biased towards english from french?


      This is not controlled by the volunteers but by Duo's algorithm.
      Hence no way to tell if you'll have more or not... only Duo knows (or at least its algorithm).

      All Duo courses contain in their database as many exercises in one direction than in the other. It's Duo algorithms that then decides what it gives to users.

      Note that one of the reason for the new crown-level system is exactly to have Duolingo presenting more "translate into the target language" exercises (for all courses).. once reached the higher crown-levels of a given skill.
      So if you have the crown-system, you can expect to have more of those exercises you want in skills were you reached the higher crown-levels. But it has nothing to do with this new version of the course.


      That's not something the contributors have any control over at all and is not connected to the tree.


      Thank you for this notification, as I was very surprised/frustrated to see my tree today - all skills were initially gold (in non-crown system), and almost all stopped to be gold... Maybe it is for our best...

      My main concern: in crowns system (to which I was recently switched) there is no possibility to test out skills. Could you please confirm if it is going to be provided, and how soon! Thank you.


      See the answer to W-Ruggles-Wolfe's comment related to crown-system too: Contributors are out in the dark too here.
      Only staff will know about that.


      Thank you! Is there any way to get response from the mentioned staff?


      In a large saucepan, heat 40 cups good luck. Add 30 cups patience. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly. When the good luck begins to rise to the top, after 1 month to 10 years, check the Duolingo forums.


      lol, so true!! I've NEVER gotten a response from the staff. Only ever mods. I sure do like the mods though... Just they don't have so much power.


      So I have to start all over again, back to "Basics," before I can learn the things that yesterday were listed as my next tasks? I was close to the end of the tree, really wanted to get to the end, and now I'm locked out of everything I need. And instead of practicing complex sentences with subjunctives, conditionals, etc., I'm back to "See Spot Run. Run Spot Run. Le chien mange." I'm not a happy camper, but I gather I don't have any choice, so will give it my best shot.


      Great overview! Thank you!

      For those of us who are on the v2 French tree, using the crown structure, do you have any advice/suggestions re: how to proceed?

      [Insert: my now-standard comment that I'm not in complain mode.]

      For example:

      • Re: the new vocab/sentences. A) Will they always be introduced via a new "skill"? My reason for asking is that if there is new vocab/sentences added to an existing skill (which I'm diligently bringing up to FrenchTree2/Crown System1/CL5)... I might be diligently shooting myself in the foot. B) If they are introduced within an existing skill ... will I lose crown levels because I need to back-track to learn the new words/sentences?

      • For the FrenchTree2 skills which had > 10 lessons, how will the work I'm doing w/in the FrenchTree2/Crown System1 transfer? For example, I'm working on FrenchTree2/Crown System1/Adjectives3/CL2 (in FrenchTree2 it has 10 lessons at CL0). If I'm hearing you correctly, it will be broken into smaller bits in FrenchTree3. Will I maintain my crown level on all of the newly created skills? If not... why?

      I suspect you see where I'm going. Any/all advice you can offer is appreciated.

      I appreciate all the work which has been put into the crown system and the new French tree.



      Unfortunately, I think only staff has answers about interaction between crown-levels and new tree version.
      They are already the only ones having all the answers about just crown-levels...

      Contributors are out in the dark too here.


      In a pre-IPO period, this stuff gets put under a microscope (Been there, done that, have the t-shirts).


      Did this update fix the problem of lessons not actually introducing the words they say they do, and then having them come up in practice instead? Having new words showing up in things like listening tests seemed to be very common.


      Only staff fixes technical bugs.

      The new tree is a "content" modification/reorganisation. It's not a change on Duo's algorithms which are managed by staff, not by volunteers (who created this new version of the (content of) the course).


      That's odd, because I don't remember seeing the same problem with the Esperanto course. I would think that it would just require modifying the challenges and sentences used within the lessons themselves, if that's something you're even able to do.


      Not in my experience - so far


      This is really great, it is really appreciated! Merci à tous ceux qui ont contribué !


      Merci pour tous vos efforts!

      Did not realise you are such a small team and voluntary at that! More than happy to return to the basics for practice makes perfect. Really like the new "weather" and "body parts" skills!

      My real test comes at the end of May when I am going to France for the first time! Any success in communication and inspiration to go there comes from Duolingo which I started for fun at first!

      Thank you! Kat


      Can you tell us how the total number of lessons (rather than skills) has changed? I believe there were 358 in the previous tree version?


      More than 400 in the new one.

      I believe there were 358 in the previous tree version?



      402 to be exact. Plus the 6 ones in the bonus skills.


      Do you have any idea when this will be rolled out to everyone? Did Duolingo give you an idea how long the A/B test will last? Thanks so much for your hard work! I hope I get a chance to use it before I go to France this summer!


      It's all a guess for us. We don't know. These tests usually take a month or two or longer.


      I really like the expansion, but I would also like the chance to test out of a lot of it! Does the new tree mean that the maximum fluency score could go higher? I've reached a level where I'm not fluent, but I've exhausted all the formal instruction. I've been using TinyCards and France 24 (streaming on YouTube) to add vocabulary and get the feel for how people really speak. I do appreciate the practice Duolingo provides in constructing realistic sentences.


      As long as this is a beta test, it looks like the new material is not raising the ceiling on the fluency score. But, if the new material is integrated into everybody's course, I would expect the fluency ceiling to rise somewhat. Assuming, that is, that the fluency score is retained; there is talk of it disappearing.


      I got the new tree, and ran into a bug in Basics 1: My answer exactly matched the correct answer, but was market wrong. I should have taken a screen grab. Also, on that page, there was no option to report 'my answer should be accepted.' Hence I am posting it here.


      We understand how hard the work must have been. We are truly grateful and thankful to all you course contributors.

      As I think that the Tips and Notes (especially for grammar) are important - I am reassured that it's undergoing revamp too. In the old tree, some of the last, grammatically important skills (like 'Future', 'Pluperfect', etc. ) didn't have them. I hope the new tree adds it wherever needed - especially to the new grammar skills (like 'Pronominal verbs').

      I also hope that more of daily-use, slang-type of situations have been added, a boost from the book-ish way of teaching languages.

      It really must have not been easy - but your passion kept you going. That's really inspiring and I hope it pays off. Merci @georgeoftruth , @SITESURF , @COMMEUNETEXANE , @JRIKHAL , @N6ZS , @TROFASTE - we have the best, expert, dedicated team in the world teaching us.

      'Bonne chance' to the new tree!


      Updated Tips & Notes are coming! Thank you very much for your enthusiasm and kind words. No new roll-out is without some bumps along the way, but I hope it is a good experience overall.


      All those bumps must have been learning curves for you and your team. Thank you for your reply :)


      I'm sorry, but I really hate the new tree, or at least I hate the way it was implemented. I live in Canada, am married to a francophone, speak French daily, and only tested out in French for the fun of it because I was learning other languages in Duo. My French tree has been completely golden for two years; I was just going in every day to make sure it stayed that way. Now I have to do the whole thing over from scratch. I probably won't bother. I'd rather spend the time learning something new rather than proving something I already know. Maybe there ought to be a faster way to test out again rather than having to do it individually for 98 lessons?????


      First of all: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm so sure I'll be so happy with this soon! :)

      Second of all: I'm a little stressed out rn just by the vastness of the French tree without all of the new stuff. I have the new tree... But I'm scared by it. Terribly frightened. I know I'm overreacting lol. Is there any way I can disable this new tree until I'm ready?


      I'm afraid there isn't a way to disable the new tree in A/B testing. My recommendation is to take it little by little. Try a new skill, review it until you feel comfortable, and then try another skill. Do not worry about the length of the tree or try to swallow it all at once. If daily practice is a part of your routine, you will finish it more quickly than you imagine.

      Above all, enjoy!


      Thank you for your advice. Yes I do practice every day, but I don't really practice a lot? It just scares me a little how much I have left to finish when you already have a level twenty five... O.O Idk, you know, comparing yourself to others steals all joy. So I try not to do it, but it's hard.


      Many of us with level 25(s) have been here a long time. And many of us got them in Immersion back when that was around, where you got XP faster. So it's not really a fair comparison anyway. :)


      Thanks! It does help to think about it that way... Like getting a B+ when you're a freshman in an AP class, with the Senior getting an A+. It's wonderful how good you are, especially considering that this Senior has been here for 3 more years than you have :P


      Don't worry, it does look intimidating at first, but if you take it slowly and practice if you notice that you haven't quite gotten the recent lessons yet, you'll be fine. I'm not sure if you use the PC or the app version, but in the app there's the option of practising stuff from all the lessons you've learned which I found very helpful. And all trees look scary at first, but once you start you'll notice it filling up faster than you could imagine. You probably also already know a lot of the new skills since they often just moved things around or put in one or two words you may already know into an earlier or later lesson so it's often just a matter of finishing them once again, not of learning new things.

      [deactivated user]

        So......it looks like i now have to redo like the entire thing...?

        Thanks? Was cool you did it in the middle of a session too.


        Was cool you did it in the middle of a session too.

        Contributors don't decide when the new tree is released nor the modality of the release: staff does.


        Oh my goodness I didn’t know Tree 3.0 was in the works! I skipped ahead and added the course, just to see if I am in the testing pool... and I am. Super giddy right now! Great work team!


        Merci ! I’m a bit busy at the moment to retackle French, but come summertime I will find my way into the activity forums and get down to business. :)


        After I got over the initial shock of seeing my formerly golden tree all undone, I realize how grateful I am for the chance of extra practice. Moreover, I have already found some explanations for things that I formerly had to find outside of Duolingo that are very helpful: for example, more detail in the different ways of forming questions, a good explanation of when to use "C'est..." vs "Il est", an explanation of jour vs. journée.

        I am one of those people who find it difficult to adapt to change, but even so, I am surprised and saddened by all of these people who seem to want to give up. All of the contributors have worked so hard, and this is the thanks they get? Many learners here appreciate all of the hard work that goes into the many updates, so on their behalf, thank you, Duolingo, thank you!

        That being said, I am worried about the new crown system, which I have not yet received, and I am dreading. I love the strength bars! When I get the crown system, I will just have to get used to it. C'est la vie!


        Couldn't agree more! Well said!


        Good Mornin, I understand the tree being incompletion, but BASICS 1 Being incomplete in a 55% of fluency? That is not understandable for me. Passing to the new tree directed me more to stop using duolingo than to continue using it. I feel like testing out one by one of the new skills for me is just painfull.

        Bonjour, Je comprends que on a des modules incomplet mais une chose que je comprends pas c'est le module BASICS 1 qui n'est pas complet pour un utilisateur qui vous dites avoir 55% de fluence en français. Je sens que pour continuer à étudier avec le nouveau méthode j'ai besoin de perdre trop de temps pour compléter les modules pour être proche d'ou j’étais avant.


        Je comprends qu'on ait des modules incomplets, mais une chose que je ne comprends pas est que le module BASIC1 ne soit pas complet pour un utilisateur dont vous dites qu'il a 55% de maîtrise en français. Je sens que pour continuer à étudier avec la nouvelle méthode, j'aurai besoin de trop de temps pour compléter les modules et être proche de là où j'étais avant.


        I am really excited about this rework! Great job!
        PS: I hope I will get it soon!


        I am wondering why the new accounts are receiving the new updates, such as this reworked tree or the crown system and the older accounts do not...


        It's a test, so not all accounts get the update right now. If the test passes, everyone will get updated to the new tree.

        The crowns are in the process of being rolled out to everyone.


        I know it is a test, but I have seen that the new accounts are getting the new features immediately and I am really curious to find out why.


        Not all new accounts, just some. Sometimes (often? I don't know who the test groups are for most of the almost 1000 tests Duo's running) a test is begun only on a small proportion of new users, then if it seems to be doing well it's expanded. There could be various reasons, for example avoiding the bias created by changing the experience for existing users (resistance to change and/or the novelty effect could impact results).


        During the A/B tests (any of them), it's 50% of new users (and 50% of old ones, either directly or once it has given convincing results on new users).

        Once the test has "passed", then any new account (after the A/B test terminated) will have the new feature while it's rolled out slowly to old accounts.


        This particular account and I have been around for over 5 years and received the new tree.


        Definitely not all new accounts. I'm on a 1080 day streak and have crowns and the new tree. I was okay with losing all my gold skills, but losing the owl was a surprise.


        Thank you so much to the French team for all of your hard work on this course! I still have my golden owl, so it looks like I still have the old tree for now. But I will keep an eye out for the update, I'm looking forward to revisiting my French tree. :-)


        If you finished the French skill tree already, will you have to do the rest of the skills to "re-finish" it?


        You will only have to do those skills that have new words. By my count, 16 skills.


        Where are you getting 16 from? My tree (previously golden) is showing that there are about 50 lessons that I need to complete (I stopped counting when it got too depressing).


        I have the crown levels. 16 of my skills do not have at least level 1.


        By "re-finish tree", do you mean pre- or post-crowns?

        I assume you mean pre-.


        I have crown levels. I have 16 incomplete skills.


        Interesting. Very interesting.


        Here is a bug: When I went into "food," it said that I knew 4/6 of the lessons. For most of the lessons, I actually knew all of it, but for this one, with the new update and new words, I did actually know 4/6 lessons. When I hit "learn" or whatever it is for the fifth lesson of "food," and I finished that, it said that I had mastered food and had completed the sixth lesson as well, and that food strength was at 5/5 even though I never learned the final lesson.


        It means that there were new words for you in lesson 5 but not lesson 6. This will likely happen a lot, it will only make you do lessons which have something new added for you, but it will only show your progress up to said lesson when it shows how many you have completed.


        Yes, a similar thing happened to me in Basics 1, where I went from "knowing" 0/2 to a fully gold skill. Might just be a glitch? Loving the new tree anyway! :D


        merciii trop! je viens d'y essayer et c'est vraiment super, j'adore bien toutes vos nouvelles lecons. vraiment merci beaucoup! c'est incroyable de penser que tout ca c'est gratuit, il faut pas payer du tout. Le monde est incroyable.


        I had the first 20 lessons all gold and some extras that I hadn't made gold yet, then I refreshed today and freaked out that my entire tree was not gold anymore. I saw Weather and another new lesson & realized what must have happened. I then began working and made my first 23 lessons all gold today. I'm really glad with the weather addition and having it be earlier on the tree. Glad I resumed Duolingo this week to test out the new tree & so far I like it. It took me a few days to catch up on all my lessons, so I never got to see the end of the tree anyways, but now everything is brand new to me anyways :)


        I see it as massive progress lost when I see I'm 0/2 even in Basics 1, after learning French for years. Even new contents are added, past progress should not be emptied. You simply cannot expect people to devote hours and hours just to recover the trees from the beginning.


        How Duo's algorithms handle the switch between two versions is totally out of reach for the contributors who designed this new tree content.
        For issues with how switches are handle, the only thing that can be done is to let Duo staff know which is not achieved on forums but filling this form.


        Your past progress has not been emptied. Everything you've done is still there. It might look different because of being rearranged and new content being added, but everything you've learned is still there. :)


        What I've really learnt cannot be "erased" by the app update. I know. But an app screen showing I'm 0/2 in Basics 1 suggests that way. One just cannot explain away user experience.


        Except that it has. It is not there. Basics 1 is at 0/2. I learned all of those words at the very beginning and now I have to repeat them. I cannot continue further on my tree until I repeat all these things I already learned (or at least test out of the skills one by one). So it is not still there.


        I was also surprised when I came on here today, I thought there was something wrong with my computer! I was about half way through the tree but don't mind at all going back and 'filling in the blanks'. It was rather nice to sail through oui and non etc. Thank you for all the hard work, I will continue to work my way through the tree.


        I understand why there is a new course, but I've been learning French here for over a year, why do I have to relearn all of the most basic courses?


        Dang...and right when I was almost done....


        Learning a language is never "done", including your mother tongue.

        When you redo some of the early units, you will probably enjoy the pleasure of flying over some notions that looked tough when you first tackled them, and many you had no clue about only months ago. Trust me, it feels great!


        So excited for the change and so happy that i have the new tree. Change excites me . and when i saw that i have a lesson bout the difference between c'est and il est i was creeped out :D Are you guys stalking me ? :D Anyways thanks for your hard work :)


        I do not like the new update. I finished the tree 6 months ago and am back almost to square one. I don't care that my percentage is intact, I now have weeks of work to clean the tree up, and I don't know if I even have it in me to re-do it. A great majority of my tree is back in color, and I see some changes, but none are enough to make it worth my time. Why did the tree update but not the ability to pass through a checkpoint? Why do we have to do individual lessons? You undid all of my work, and took out my ability to shortcut past things I already know. Why not just give those of us who finished the course a test instead? This is really defeating, I worked so hard to get knocked back down to "Hello".


        I would have to agree. I too wondered why I couldn’t test out of a section. Now,I have to reach level in numerous new lessons before I can do advanced ones again, so I’m back to doing level one and level two lessons just so I can do advanced lessons again, and any mistake causes a loss of health, which happens. Sometimes I’ll get basic questions wrong on,early lessons for,dumb reasons, like I misread the question, or I accidentally bumped the return key. And I can’t regain health by doing an old lesson because they’re all undone. And I had three guilded trees that all went back to being undone. I would run through the old levels to check out what’s new, but it’s not really worth it. I’ve even screen captured questions that were marked wrong but were the exact same as Duo’s answer, each one with a loss of health.

        This seems like kind of a messy update.


        Health (an app feature) is totally independent of and unrelated with the new tree [content] version, specific to "French from English" course, announced here.
        The same way "crown-system" (see here), and the fact it makes you pass a unit 15-30-45-... times before having it gold, is totally independent of and unrelated with the new tree [content] version announced here.

        • Health and crowns apply to all courses (the former to all users on iOS and Android app, the latter is slowly deployed (defiitively) to all users).
          They are structural/evaluation/awards changes made by Duo staff (=employees).
        • The new tree announced here is specific to "French from English" course. it impacts none of the 75 other courses on Duolingo.
          It's a change of content (new words, change of "where" are introduced some words, etc.) made by volunteers.
          The way it's deployed (=letting you test out or not, etc.) is controlled by staff, volunteers only has the control of the linguistic content changes.


        Why did the tree update but not the ability to pass through a checkpoint?

        Volunteers (some of which read this discussion) don't have the answer, staff (who probably don't read this discussion) may have the answer

        Why do we have to do individual lessons?

        Volunteers (some of which read this discussion) don't have the answer, staff (who probably don't read this discussion) may have the answer

        You undid all of my work, and took out my ability to shortcut

        No, the volunteers who created this new version (and posted this discussion) didn't undid anything nor took anything from you.
        If anyone, it's the persons who decided push live the new version the way it has been pushed => staff not volunteers.

        Why not just give those of us who finished the course a test instead?

        Volunteers (some of which read this discussion) don't have the answer, staff (who probably don't read this discussion) may have the answer.

        See several other comments here and the answers to them where it's explained how to transmit your message to their destinary (=staff).


        Computer Scientists do an important work today! -I am very frustrated having just completed a 'new' section in 'Occupations' to be offered this to translate! When I offer the same response it is rightly wrong - what is going on? There are a lot of glitches requiring memorization of the 'preferred' response for the Duolingo programme not actual French or English.

        I appreciate the intention to improve the course and I want to learn more French - but maybe some consultation and 'respect' for customers/users might have helped prepare us for some of the less than successful changes.


        Will Tinycards be updated with the material from the new tree?


        No, sorry. We don't deal with TinyCards for Duo.


        For me, this change is terrible. I dislike having to do exercises I tested out of at the beginning so much that I'm opting out of French and will learn it elsewhere.


        That’s great! Always nice to see Duo growing bigger and bigger! I’d like to thank and congratulate the team for the hard work!

        I wonder if there’s active Portuguese team? Winkwink.


        Ahhh I'm so excited for this! I was so disappointed when I didn't see a notification indicating me to be part of the A/B test, but after a quick look I see that I am. Merci beaucoup to all our wonderful contributors!

        • 2347

        That's great news. I checked and noticed I'm not part of the group that got the new tree already, but I'm very excited. Can't wait to see the new update.


        Looks like I am on the B version. Thanks for the Improvements.

        I some times think that the vocab for nouns and adjectives for the basics of specialised subjects (like food, locality etc ) should be on a side chain outside of the gramatical/verb learning chain; or lower in the tree. Useful for those who have a specilised intrest like sports that are not at the top of the tree yet. I am looking forward to a thorough revison.


        Thanks for all the hard work. I’ve got the crown system on all my trees, and the new tree as well for French. Overall it looks good. My only complaint is that there’s no way to regain health without paying in gems even though I had several guilded trees, so I’m sort of discouraged from rebuilding to five crowns because I’m bound to make occasional mistakes, even on simple lessons, especially being a bit dyslexic.

        But progress is good, even if the change didn’t really bring about more advanced learning. I’ll run through some of the new stuff in French though, even if it feels basic.


        Merci beaucoup! Though I must admit that I darn-near had a conniption fit when most of my completed lessons were no longer gold. Perhaps make the change notification a little more obvious, even though it's an A/B test? (nudge nudge cough DuoLingo)

        I'm looking forward to the new tips and notes sections, though some appear to be out of place (e.g. Punctuation in Plurals 2?)


        Fantastic thank you so much. I've started at the beginning again and didn't realise how much I needed to revise. I really love learning french everyday and all your hard work and dedication make that possible. Thank you.


        Thank you for all your hard work and dedication :)

        I was 5 skills away from the golden owl, and today I got the new tree. Rather than than approaching it in a "pick and choose" manner, I was thinking about a reset. Is that bad for the metrics? More to the point, how can we help? What do these metrics measure?


        Resets don't affect the metrics as far as I know, provided you stick around. What matters most is that you keep to it and don't skip doing lessons several days in a row.

        Also, reporting any errors you find is always helpful, as when there's a mistake it makes people fail when they shouldn't be.


        Lovely. The explanation of Gallicism is well done and helpful. Looking forward to getting to the y and en pronoun section. Thank you for the work on explanations.


        Thank you for all your hard work!


        i heard about a new update, can't wait


        More things to look forward to, as I'm still on the old French tree and not yet on the Crowns system.

        My congratulations and thanks to the team that worked on 3.0, your efforts are appreciated by this French learner.

        I'm sure I'll have both positive and negative thoughts about it when I get switched over, that doesn't mean I don't appreciate your hard work.


        wow a whole new tree and 10 new stories. So all the new material is in the skills that appear unlearned, right? I won't be missing anything new if I just fill out all the unlearned ones?


        this is so great! i hope the update becomes available to all soon enough, it seems awesome and i'd love to check it out. the french team and course contributors baffle me with their hard work; there seems to be such a genuine and pure desire to teach people for no reason other than community and education! the work that goes into creating and modifying a language course must be long and arduous, and i have nothing but respect for those that set aside time for such great work


        When the DL German team revamped its tree, it let us test out of entire sections, not just individual leaves. Could you PLEASE do so for DL French?

        Going leaf-by-leaf through the first three sections is a HUGE turn-off especially if, after 2-3 hours of such misery, you've tallied a grand total of two mistakes, and then only because your eyes glazed over from boredom. Why waste anyone's time this way? Let us test out in larger chunks.


        When the DL German team revamped its tree, it let us test out of entire sections, not just individual leaves.

        Wasn't this at time where the "crown-system" --- implemented by staff and independent of the new tree [content] version discussed here --- didn't exist?
        AFAIK, it's the crown-system that got rid of the test-out.
        And it's certain that it's not the new tree [content] that changed it.

        Could you PLEASE do so for DL French? [...] Let us test out in larger chunks.

        This is a request to Duolingo staff (as they are the only one control such things), not to contributors.

        As explained in this other comment in this discussion, volunteers can't do anything about it. See in the linked comment how to let staff know.

        Going leaf-by-leaf through the first three sections is a HUGE turn-off especially if, after 2-3 hours of such misery

        I think to recognize the description of reaching the 5th crown-levels of each skill of those three skills (hence passing up to 15*{number of lessons the volunteers put in the skill/unit} lessons for each of the 3 skills).
        If it's indeed that, then it's unrelated with the new tree version [content] that volunteers created and about which is this discussion.


        I haven't subscribed to the"Crown System" in any of my courses. It's still optional. So yes, please convey to the DL programming team (you surely possess a better feedback channel than we do) a request for larger-scale testing out.

        Even the Crown System should permit large-scale testing-out; it should just ask harder questions to make sure the user has proven "5-crown" expertise.


        (you surely possess a better feedback channel than we do)

        Nope, not better than the form to report issues/bugs.

        And Duo prioritizes their TOO list based (among other things) on the number of individual requests they have for this or that. So the best chance they 1. consider changing it and 2. put it on top of the TODO list is that many users report it through the form.


        This is awful. Most of my skills have been reset. I feel like I've wasted more than two years mastering and keeping skills healthy. Its great that you added new material, but terrible how this was implemented. Please restore our hard-earned progress! Otherwise I'm quitting and investing in Rosetta Stone.


        As explained in this other comment in this discussion, this is not controlled by volunteers (some of them read that discussion) but by staff (I'm not sure any reads this discussion, created by volunteers). See linked discussion for way to let staff/Duo know.

        Its great that you added new material,

        This is a message for contributors (as new material/content is their work).

        but terrible how this was implemented. Please restore our hard-earned progress! Otherwise I'm quitting and investing in Rosetta Stone.

        This is a message for Duolingo and a "threat" meant for Duolingo. Sharing them here is unlikely to reach Duolingo (see beginning of this comment).

        I feel like I've wasted more than two years mastering

        At least Duo didn't erased from your memory/brain all the knowledge you accumulated.


        The Clothing skill has a small bug. Indicates there are 5 lessons in the set but only three are visible.


        Sounds good, I hope it stays and doesn't go away :) I get a little sad, thinking I'm approaching the end of the tree, and now there is much more content to learn. Luckily, I keep my own notes compiled from many sources, so no matter what happens to this course, I won't lose them and they can only be improved.

        Also 'more exercises about the pronouns "en" and "y"' was badly needed!


        I received the new tree (thanks! it's exciting!) Is there a way to receive an updated version of Tiny Cards so that the decks match the new tree? I really rely on Tiny Cards to reinforce the vocabulary. Thanks for all your work!


        Thank you very much! (Merci beaucoup!)


        I've been assigned the new tree! I was scared for a second - I thought there'd been a glitch and I'd lost all of the progress on my completed tree - but now I'm thrilled for the opportunity to learn more. Thanks so much to the whole design team - you guys are the heroes we don't deserve. :)


        Hi, thanks for putting your time into these French lessons! I enjoy these as a great compliment to my highschool French courses :-).

        Concerning the Tips & Notes: Should one (re)read the tips and notes of previously 'mastered' skills which are now undone due to added content, if the skill tree is updated? I mean, have you revised the explanations for some of the original skills, or is it the same as before the update?

        Again, thank you for keeping this course up to date!


        The tips and notes are still a work in progress, so I wouldn't reread them yet. They are still mostly the same ones from before, only relocated. Only the first weather lesson has new stuff.


        Got the new French tree yesterday with a pop-up notice, but today it gave me the same pop-up notice, but had reverted back to the old tree. Just a glitch?


        I have the new tree! I don't think I've ever had the rollout of a new one in the first wave before. It will give me reason to actually do some French, which I haven't done in a long while.


        Having paused just over a year ago after a three year streak and a fully golden tree, I picked up Duolingo again a couple of months ago to re-gild my tree (target the end of March!). I was rather shocked earlier this week to log on and watch an almost golden tree dissolve into a colourful array!

        However, I have found that a very small amount of work on the easier earlier branches quickly turned them gold; using the test-out feature knocked a couple of 0/3 "new lessons" (that felt familiar) out; and finally there is a fair bit of new material here - and after all, I am trying to learn French!

        To I have reset my goal to the end of April, with the added benefit that I will be rewarded by regaining my owl.

        So thanks Duolingo French team, and I suggest that anyone who is really cross demands a full refund immediately!!


        I've been selected to join in the new tree. I'm happy to do so and I understand the point in rolling out to a random selection, but I will point out: I intent to reduce my focus on French (and Russian) specifically for the coming months due to external reasons. I'm afraid that I'll make it look like the new tree isn't good because I'm not working on it etc. but that is not the case. I'm always for promoting additional content.


        I am completing lessons but the 10XP are not being awarded. For example I did over 20 lessons yesterday and only got 50XP... Why is this? Is it a bug?

        • 1676

        It may be because of the small and low levels? I used testout or strength for the new contents. When I finished one, I got 50 xp.

        Just a few seconds ago, I did "plural 1" and finished it without any mistakes, and got 30 xp.

        I guess that some exercises weight more and some small exercises weight less.

        • 1676

        Beside, I am using the old version of tree so I can use the function "strengthen" without having to do each little exercise one by one.


        Thank you for your work! I was really happy to learn, you extended the tree! Also I am stunned to see so many people complaining. For normal people like me, this is about learning languages! Who cares about your dumb tree being golden -.-


        Some of us do. I think hearing more about the additions to the lessons and the reminder that it's a chance to do more practice has helped lessen the initial annoyance, but it was still not a great way to find out that the tree had been so drastically changed to see all of the gold icons that those of us who do care had worked so hard for just up and vanish with no warning.


        I'm with Nick. Overall, I am very appreciative, however, the golden tree is a goal for many of us, I suspect there are a lot of over-achievers here. A little more communication would have been good. That said, again, I appreciate the new content and even am okay with brushing up on some material. It feels good to breeze through some lessons, others, not so much!!


        Will both A and B have access to the new sentences and vocab?


        No, only one group.
        In order to compare both versions.


        Is there any way to show appreciation to Sitesurf,Commeunetexane,Jrikhal,N6zs,Trofaste? Anyway I'm very excited to learn more! Thank you for your contributions!


        Drop them a line when you see them in the forums. :)


        And take the tree and be good for metrics. ;)


        Forum means these discussion?


        Not necessarily this one. Anywhere in the Duolingo discussions. It's really the only way at the moment you can address them personally. Although they will have read this whole thread already, so they know how much they're appreciated. Thank you for the kind words.


        When you say "at the moment" does that mean that they are still working on a way so that we can communicate on each other's threads like we used to? Gosh, how I miss that. I wasn't sure if that had fallen off the radar forever.


        We know no more about that than you do. None but Duo knows what Duo is doing...


        I miss that too. At first I was confused and thought they had moved it, but now I see it is gone.


        Thank you for all your hard work! I love Duolingo!


        Cool, I'm excited! I don't have the new tree yet, but I can't wait for it. I've only completed 3 skills so far since I just started French two days ago. The Dutch team revamped their tree and I love it. I expect I'll love this update too when I get it. Merci beaucoup. :)


        Thank you for the great work! I was surprised at first when I accessed my Duolingo this morning so went to the Discussion. Wow, so excited to try this new tree!


        Thank you George of Truth, Sitesurf, Commeunetexane, Jrikhal, N6Z6 and trofaste. Merci


        Yayyyy!!! Merci beacoup ! I just got the new French tree today!


        Thank you for all your hard work! Can't wait to try out the new skills.


        Like the changes and looking forward to the new challenges


        Thank ya all a lot for all of your time, effort and contribution to make Duo the best place on Earth, where we all can study languages for free!!! Keep up this wonderful work, yay!!! ^^


        I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved!


        This update is just to cover that Duolingo want us to pay whenever we make mistakes( real money) I was finished with the tree and now I have to start over with even the easiest lessons. I hate that Duolingo took this decision without any consideration, I am on my almost 500 days streak but I think I will have to find another app. Very very disappointing Duolingo!!


        To the contributors of the course: Thanks a lot for all your work you put into improving the tree! I really appreciate the improved tree and the new content that was added.

        I wasn't done with my tree yet but I see the addition of new content also at the beginner stages as a chance to learn some new words and build a better foundation of the basic structures. My plan is to just go through everything from the beginning before I continue with the remaining skills that I had left.

        I already completely re-did the first 7 skills (doing every individual lesson) and since I'm not a complete beginner anymore I could do them quite quickly. So to all people who are already more advanced: Since you already have some knowledge it shouldn't take too long to make the beginner skills golden again.

        To the Duolingo staff: It would be good to have a small popup on the web version and in the app that briefly explains people what happend with their tree. I immediately knew what happened because I saw the same with the Dutch tree, but I'm pretty sure most people had no idea and of course it's a shock when things are suddenly changed. Also not everyone checks the forum to see an announcement. A little explanation in a popup would have been nice and helpful when you introduce big changes like this one.


        It is jarring to see a hard-earned golden owl expropriated. I think most of us regard the golden owls as achievement awards. Once granted, they cannot fairly be rescinded. Imagine telling a baseball player that his batting title has been rescinded because, two years after earning it, MLB decides that on-base percentage matters more than batting average. No one would permit that.

        I don't mind that there are just ten remaining golden leaves on my tree, despite every leaf being golden for 18 months straight until today. That is the price of new vocabulary. But the price should not include expropriation of previously earned awards. The golden owl is the Duolingo equivalent of an Oscar. It cannot rightfully be taken away. Doing so is mean-spirited and callous. Henceforth, a fitting acronym for the golden owl is perhaps DACA.


        The awards is for completing that (version of the) course you had completed.
        There is a new course which you didn't complete. Duo didn't removed your trophy for another course [version] but displays that you didn't completed the (new) course you're currently working on.

        I agree they could keep a trace somewhere (on user's profile for instance) that "you completed the version number N of the course 'French from English'".


        "I agree they could keep a trace somewhere (on user's profile for instance) that "you completed the version number N of the course 'French from English'."

        I rest my case.

        Until DL does so, rescinding the "trophy" is shameful. There was a phrase we used in the sixties to describe recanting a gift or award. I can't utter it today, so I'll stick with, "we've been DACA'd."


        Just a quick note for all the nay sayers,we are here to learn and I for one am glad of the opportunity to learn more. after completing and keeping the tree gold for over twelve months now I thought that I was just going over the old rather than learning anything new.Remember we signed up to learn a new language not just gain golden apples.Enjoy and learn and remember, only dead fish swim with the flow so dare to be different


        I'm here to learn. I'm not here to relearn "je, m'appelle, suis, une, fille, un, garçon, oui, non" and countless other super basic things I already learned before I can go back to learning at the level I was at before.


        I love the changes. It's fun to get to redo a lot of old exercises and I feel so smart testing out of trees I've already done. The lessons on y, en and c'est vs. il/elle are great. Really useful. I have a basic understanding of these, but seeing them used in context repeatedly is super helpful.

        My thanks to the whole team. Keep up the great work.


        Now that I have recovered from the shock of suddenly seeing my hard-earned tree reduced by half (!!!), I would like to thank the team that has worked so diligently to improve the French course. Merci!


        I still don't have the new tree... I hope I get it soon!

        [deactivated user]

          Nice work!! Wish I could give you lingots but there's no link for that. O well, you have my admiration and support- thank you all for all your hard work!!


          Actually, your nice words are more useful than any other lingot to all of us in the team! Much appreciated.


          I don't have a problem with being part of the French test, but since I had completed the tree, why is my owl gone? I happen to like Duolingo owls.


          Great stuff, thanks. I thought it was a bug!!


          Oh wow! It took me a bit by surprise when I saw so many unfinished lessons but this is excellent!


          Well, I will just change my settings from french to Italian or Spanish. I will get my french practice from people around me. I cannot deal with basic 1 when I am living in France


          Do not revert to the old tree!! I'm learning more, now. Isn't that the point?


          I am thrilled with the new updates and they came just in time for me! Thank you! Thank you!


          Thank you for all your hard work guys. I'm delighted at the prospect of an expanded French tree! At some point in the future... ;_)


          Whilst there, and indeed have always been, issues of interpretation over language (I sometimes wonder whether the designers have a native English speaker among them) it does seem to me that many of the complaints on this thread come from people who seem to be more interested in completing the tree than in improving their French.

          Personally speaking I am delighted at the chance to work on different lessons, to broaden my vocabulary and understanding.

          Only the other day I remarked that my 68% fluency was in "doing Duolingo" rather than being in "speaking French." This change is welcome.


          You all are fabulous, and make learning a difficult language fun. I’ve learned as much from forum comments as I have via the tree. Thank you all for the thousands of hours you volunteer!


          Thanks for the opportunity to learn French for free!


          Being at Level 25 French I would so like to be able to have access to new exercises. I am stuck in the old tree system and now with the Crown System my daily exercises have gotten even more boring. I am salivating at the chance to experience the advanced tree with extra lessons and vocabulary, etc... I very much hope it will be rolled out to the rest of us soon!!!!!


          You should be craving the new tree. I've been selected. They're showing us lots of new ways to use the basic words, so just when we think we shouldn't have to re-learn them, we find out there's a lot we don't already know. My confidence grows a little each day. I hope they do this to the other languages I'm learning!...Soon!!


          My experience exactement!


          Yes, you volunteers certainly have put a monumental effort into this revision and for that I thank you. All of you are very dedicated, fluent, and talented. ~ On the other hand, perhaps you might consider making smaller incremental changes or collecting the updates into a more compact form rather than affecting so many of the lessons at one time. A quote from Maya Angelou comes to mind — 'I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.' Maybe it's just me being overly sensitive, but I feel little sense of accomplishment in my Duolingo French language learning upon seeing that I must redo so many lessons. I also feel resentful and irritated for right now. In the end, I will make good use of your hard work and redo my tree (as I have already done with another language in Duolingo). After all, it just means I will have more lessons to do every day and would be doing lessons every day anyway. A Duolingo student's work is never done!

          [deactivated user]


            Merci beaucoup! but why is this an A/B test? Could you not just give everyone the new course?


            A very nice and welcomed surprise. I am delighted to be in the test group. To the moderators thank you for all your hard work and I hope improvements will continue.

            • 1676

            Thank you!

            Can this announcement be sent to all French lesson learners so that we are alert about what is going on and do not repeat the same questions by each of us?


            since the new tree, for which thanks, my microphone seems not to record, but it speaks French much as before

            [deactivated user]

              Formidable! Chapeau! Mille mercis :)


              I got the updated version and was really annoyed to see so many of my skills un-gilded, but after reading this, I am excited to learn more!

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