"Une fille est une enfant."

Translation:A girl is a child.

March 27, 2018

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I would expect to hear more of a liaison between the "t" of "est" and the "une". Since I didn't hear the "t", I put "et" and was marked wrong. How does one decide what the sentence is without more context? What should I be listening for if not a liaison clue?


I put "et" as well. Same question.


The "t" is pronounced, but it is quite soft. For a French ear it is there, but as it is quite subtile, I can understand that you do not ear it.


I have the same problem. Does anyone have an answer? I have problems with listening and detecting words in phrases anyway, and this is not helping! Is there any distinction between the pronunciation of these words?


The goal of learning a language is also listening to it. I.mh.o. the pronounsation is correct. the words es, est, and et are almost always pronounced as e. you need to know grammaticcaly when to write them.


"A girl is a child" and "a girl and a child" are both grammatically correct in English, are their equivalents in French not both grammatically correct statements?


There is an application much better than this...it's called busuu it's pretty nice and the pronunciation is clearer than this here ..


Yea i could not tell the difference either.


Enfant is masculine, right? Why is this saying "une"?


I belive its because the sentence is refering to a girl so it used "une" instead of "un"


Of course it is. A hypothetical girl. You can't say 'the girl' without referring to a specific girl. I also put 'A girl and a child' for this, but 'A girl is a child' does make sense. I understand 'et' is more if an 'ay' sound, and 'est' sounds more like 'eh'.


The sentence doesn't pronounce each word properly. I only hear the first two words and the last one


I only heard just tow first word


I have listened to the sentence repeatedly and clearly hear her say, "- est l'enfant." When that was marked incorrect, I listened to the slow version where she clearly says, "une enfant." Can anyone please explain?


Every time i confuse this with "une fille ET un enfant"


It's not your fault. There should have been a 'T' sound between 'est' and 'une.'

"Une fille est-T-une enfant."


Again. You must learn to LISTEN also to the language. The pronouncation is correct


Okay, then, educate us.

How does one differentiate "A girl is a child" and "A girl and a child", if the T of "est" isn't pronounced?


in the first sentence to the pronounsation of the word es is short (e). in the seconds one the word et (and) is long (ee)


I must admit that the pronounsation of specially the female teacher is not that good. this may make it confusing on what she says. Try the slow button in those cases.


A girl has no fears to learn french


Enfant is a masculine word. 'une' does not make sense.


It jeeps saying i got it wrong when im typing 8n the exact same thing as the right answer


I wrote in ¨A girl is a kid¨ and it didn´t accept it, why?


The correct is..the girl is a kid


Une fille n'a pas de nom.


aaah i thought enfant would take un but apperantly its referring the fille


it said kid. why wrong


That happened to me to!


Kid has its own translation, at least according to Duolingo. It's gamin


I thought that kid and child meant the same thing! I said kid insted of child and it conted it wrong!!!!!


Makes no sense, "a girl is a child" how exactly? Makes no sense at all, i put the girl is a child.

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    surely an infant is the same as une enfant


    No infant is a little kid less than a year old and a enfant translates to child which is a kid older than 1 year I would say

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      When I went to my first school, it was called an "Infant School" from 4 1/2 to 7. Then I went to Junior School from 7 to 11, then Senior School. So my point still stands. In England - Infant should be accepted as a direct translation. It may be different in USA, but we are talking global languages here

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        It depends which version of English you speak . English or American English. Anyway, I was taught in my infant school that a kid was a baby goat. That is the difference between my language and yours. We still have infant schools in England


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        Is a child in French a feminine "une enfant"?


        why isn't apostrophe un' enfant?


        Should be The girl and not A Girl


        Why he dnt say 'est' while read all words ?


        two e's why not apostrophe

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