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  5. "Désolé, il fait froid."

"Désolé, il fait froid."

Translation:Sorry, it is cold outside.

March 27, 2018



what does fait mean?


I thought it meant 'to do' or 'to make'. But that doesn't really make sense in this sentence... Maybe the waether 'does' instead of 'is' something in French?


That's how it works in French. Think of it as "it makes cold/hot etc." and then compute it in your head as "it is". Sometimes it's best not to question why, but accept that, that is how it is...


Don't forget it can be cold indoors as well. so il fait froid dehors should be the french text.


Why does the translation specify "outside" when dehors is not in the original sentence? Surely it can be cold "inside" also.


Why use 'fait' when it can be done using 'froid' only?? Anyone plz answer


'il fait' needs to be used for the sentence to mean anything, otherwise your just saying 'sorry, cold' which isn't correct speech in either French or English.


It happened to me too!


Why not "Desole, c'est froid"?


C'est is never used in terms of the weather.


How many ways are there to say "it is", il fait and C'est and il est are a few i think. But when should you use one or the other? I heard about C'est being used when followed by a noun, and il est when followed by an adjective, but ive not encountered il fait before.


My husband (French by birth) told me a basic guide was 'C'est' is for talking about physical things, so to say 'C'est froid' about food is correct but not about the weather. What you are talking about defines the phrase that must be used.


It could say "Desole, il fait froid dehors" to be exact with defining "outside".


I wrote, sorry, it is cold and it was accepted with another answer saying sorry, it is cold outside


If we are inside the house. we cant say it is cold outside. What we gonna say

[deactivated user]

    Sorty its cool should be ok


    What's the difference between "froid" and "frais"


    I don't understand why I'd to add 'outside"'


    I'm just wonder on which occasion shall I say "Sorry, it is cold outside." It just sounds weird to me.


    A 3-year-old girl arrives. She's happy, and wears her new swimsuit, just received as a Christmas present. She jumps and screams: "Mom, Mom! I'm going to swim in the pool!" Mum replies: "Sorry, it's cold, outside".

    Sorry for My bad English.


    Interesting but in this case I would definitely use 'no' rather than 'sorry'.

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