"Tu manges les frites des garçons."

Translation:You are eating the boys' fries.

March 27, 2018

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Yes, the apostrophe is necessary. Unfortunately an old bug can cause this problem to occur. The only thing I can do on my end is disable the sentence.


Yes, that apostrophe problem has raised its noxious head on other courses. We can't seem to get rid of it.

With the immeasurable additions and innovations the French team has put into the new course they deserve praise and thanks and we all need to be patient until any glitches are corrected. What has been revealed today is too precious to let these glitches spoil our joy and appreciation.

Thank you team French.


I got this question as a "type what you hear" which, to my surprise, I got correct. So I didn't see the apostrophe issue. Thank you Duo for the new lessons!


The most frustrating thing here is the reporting system which does not allow us to report this correctly. I resort to clicking the button that says the French is wrong, even though that is not the case. I have had this problem with other reports. The "streamlined" reporting is clumsy and encourages inaccurate reporting.


The staff at Duolingo are aware of this bug. I don't know the timeline for getting it fixed, unfortunately. As far as the streamlined reporting system, your concerns are not likely to be seen by staff here in a sentence discussion. For this issue, I recommend that you go here to file a bug report. You will have a better chance that the staff will see it and maybe make some changes.


Reaching out and asking for HELP is always the best place to start when confused about an issue. It is better than any unsubstantiated critique. It is my experience that DUO, HELP offers many solutions to common inquiries. Not related but of great importance to me, the feature DUO offers that I love the most, is the ability to edit and or, delete, my previous comments after I discover I am incorrect or have written something inaccurately. Or that my point was well taken. Who knows I may even decide to remove this comment because you CommeuneTexane you have already supplied the learner with the appropriate remedy in far fewer words than I.


MicheleMiFi, I hope you continue to post thoughtful comments in the sentence discussions. We are all learning together here, and I am grateful for all those that take the time to explain a grammar point, linguistic nuance or in some other way enrich the conversation. I have benefited a great deal from reading the sentence discussions. :-)


C'est très inspirant, merci beaucoup.


Exactly. Boys = male kids. Boys' = male kids' belongings.

...I tried to report this but it only had a few options....


With great certainty, I can say this; regarding the placement of an apostrophe anywhere in a word, for English speakers per sé, it is complicated, to say the least. Most of us ignore it or don't even use it at all, quite inaccurately. In English, this lesson is not easily retained...haha. so the laugh is on us. Not DUO. We "English speakers" for the most part would love to forget about its' placement, period. With all these back and forth comments about "the boys' fries'" I just had to shed some light humor on the subject.


It should be "boys' fries" at the end of the sentence. The apostrophe is needed to show ownership of the fries by the plural boys


Same. It accepted "You eat the boys' fries" but said that it was a typo. I'm guessing it was an oversight on their end, but it's still wrong.


I saw the same thing, it said " You have a typo.--> You eat the boys fries.", it must be a mistake somewhere.


I guess you two agree with me.


There is no way to say that the translation is wrong (the missing apostrophe). I reported that "the French sentence is unnatural or has an error" 27 March 2018. I hope it attracts their attention and they can guess what I intended.


As a contributor on another course I can say that it is really unlikely they can guess what you intended. But they will see the comments here.


Agree. Still wrong in March 2018


I guess you meant "Still wrong after two days."? As the exercise only exists for two days (as you can see on top of this discussion), so it can hardly hardly be something else than "still" wrong in March 2018 as it started (to be wrong) on that same month...


I have to disagree because it's still wrong in December 2018


I'm sorry that my auto correct is correcting my French into random English words


yes, you need the apostrophe. The boys' fries. It is a possessive plural.


There's a mistake in the word bank: it should be "boys' ", not "boys".


if one more boy eats a french fry.....!


the possessive boys' as above is not offered as an option in the lesson

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