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"Kahless and Lukara killed Molor's soldiers."

Translation:molor mangpu' HoH qeylIS luqara' je.

March 27, 2018



So, if the object 'Molor's soldiers' is explicitly stated, is it incorrect to use luHoH with the prefix lu- ?


The prefix lu- is used when the subject is plural and the object is singular. "Molor's soldiers", even though you may think of them as one unit, is plural, thus you cannot use the lu- prefix.


Okay, thanks! That was my mistake. So, if the subject and object are both present but they require a prefix for the noun, the prefix needs to appear nevertheless, doesn't it?


A prefix for the verb, you mean? Yes.

For example, molor luHoH qeylIS luqara' je for "Kahless and Lukara killed Molor" (plural subject, singular object -- verb prefix lu-).

The prefixes for the verb are always there; they're not optional the way pronouns or the plural suffixes are.

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