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French Music?

I've recently started French up again and I realised with my Spanish a big motivator was music, so I was just wondering if anyone had some good fun french songs that they love to listen to?


March 27, 2018


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It's probably a bit mainstream, but I always liked the song 'Femme like you' from K-maro. It's a mix of English and French. Perhaps you can also listen to online French radio stations, I do the same for my Spanish and it's definitely a great way to train your listening skills.


Good evening, I like to hear Stromae's songs, Kate Ryan.


check out Big flo et oli! The first song of theirs I heard was alors alors.. (made me walk around for several days replying to everyone with "alors alors"... probably annoyed everyone I know horribly). Gangsta is also very catchy (suis pas un gangsta) with an amusing video.. I'm betting they got a lot of critical acclaim with monsieur tout le monde. Very entertaining up and comers.

You could also check out Jacques Brel.. older French people really seem to love him (though.. I think he may be Belgian?!) Ne me quitte pas is a biggie I think

Just for a random share.. I heard this one day at a car dealership and my mind was blown... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVnhjoJ8Jhc Always wondered if the French or English version was first after that.

Hope this helps ya!


Here's a French Radio site that only plays French songs


Any songs by Bigflo + Oli! I love them! Orelsan is also a good choice.

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