"Mon beau-père est le mari de ma mère."

Translation:My stepfather is my mother's husband.

March 27, 2018

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Note that "beau-père" may be either "stepfather" or "father-in-law". So one's father-in-law is the father of your spouse, but one's stepfather is the man married to your mother (but not your biological father).


What if he had a daughter who, as my step-sister, I married..."Mon beau-pere est mon beau-pere"


entered : "my father-in-law is my mother's husband"

'father-in-law' was marked as wrong word. This should imho also be accepted.


Indeed. Without context, it's a correct translation. One may argue that it's circumstantially unlikely, but we have such sentences as "Steel is not a metal", "The duck reads the newspaper", "France is a democracy", "The house was destroyed by the angry badger", and "My parents love me".

So these things happen. Ours is not to question how credible or not the statements are, only to render them into another language. Maybe the speaker's father-in-law is indeed their mother's husband.


Of the two possible translations, step-father would seem more likely given the limited context that we have, however


The exercise is not intended to portray a kinky in-bred family. It is intended to be as straightforward as possible, therefore we need to examine the entire sentence to understand what it means before we fix on "stepfather" or "father-in-law". When it says that (whoever) is my mother's husband, then that is not your father-in-law because unless there is something very weird going on, that's not what a father-in-law is. That's your stepfather.

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    This may seem an odd sentence, but in fact, my husband's widowed mother married the father of her daughter's husband. So the daughter's father-in-law became her stepfather, her mother's husband.


    is there no way in French of distinguishing between father-in-law and step-father which are entirely different relationships in English?


    Step-dad (or stepdad) was not accepted. I reported it.


    I read another discussion which indicated that stepfather would be demi-père. Is that incorrect?


    "My mother's husband is my stepfather". I don't know why this was not accepable!


    Getting really tired of the step vs in- law error when either is correct.

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