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Feedback on the new French tree

Hi Duolingo!

I hope your admin are seeing this. I have some feedback about the new French tree. Both bad and good. I still don't know how I feel about it overall. However, I will try to be as optimistic as possible.

Pros: There are now 95 skills rather than 78! That is awesome, I cannot wait to learn them all, and it will certainly be more of a challenge because the French tree used to be one of the shortest trees here.

-For me, that is about the only pro, however, it is a very joyous one and I am ecstatic to learn these new skills

Also, I get extra lingots when I test out of the "non-completed" skills that I know. However, I have nothing to spend my lingots on in the shop anymore because I already bought everything (hint hint)

Con: The biggest con for me is that before, I have learned multiple skills before the update, 31 to be exact. Now when the update shows up, I'm not sure what it did to my tree or what code it runs on. If I'm not mistaken, the time lesson is almost the exact same as before. However, now, the tree says that I have only learned 2/9 skills for time, when really I have learned all nine skills and I am proficient in all of them. I don't want to:

  • need to retest out of all the 23 once golden, now non-golden lessons.

  • need to relearn lessons

It also bugs me that some lessons like "basics one" 0/2 skills completed. I know this might be a bug in the new system, but seriously Duolingo? I know what "Je, Je m'appelle, garçon, fille, etc." means! It is very annoying AND DISCOURAGING (keep that in mind with other users, I will continue, but I guarantee that some others have quit because of this test) that is says that super simple skills are not mastered nor completed. You need to figure out a way to update the info correctly based on

  • What you mastered before

  • How many times that someone has practiced a certain word

The skills that were once golden do need to be golden. I feel like I reset my entire tree!

I hope this feedback helps! Try to imagine the feeling when you are in someone like my shoes!

Thanks, -Noabji

March 28, 2018



Meh, your complaints are valid, but also this is the way it's been every time they've updated the trees, which at this point for me is: once in German, once in Spanish (or maybe twice; I actually can't remember), once in Dutch, and now twice in French. As others have noted, you can test out of new or partially finished lessons that have content you already know fairly easily. By the time the German and Spanish trees got updated I was already very proficient in those languages, and was able to reobtain my golden owls after an afternoon of testing for each. This latest Dutch update has been a godsend: I tested out of the new skills for the top-half of the tree very quickly, but the bottom half contains wholly new content for me which I've been chipping away at lately. It gave my Dutch education a new lease on life. I'm not privy to the new French tree, but I'm looking forward to the same happening when I get that update.


I agree with a lot of what you said. I had completed the tree and alway kept everything at full strength then I had 66 unfinished skills all of the sudden.

I LOVE the new content, and honestly, I don't mind going back and refreshing a lot of stuff especially if it has new content. But I do wish I could test out of many skills all at once.

I would love to see them reactivate the passed checkpoints to let you test out of the easy stuff.

Also, it would be cool if they just let us do the initial french test again, like when we started. Give us the chance to test out of a bunch of stuff up front if we really do know it well enough to test out.

Overall I am happy with the new content, and I am obsessively tackling the tree again.


I am half tempted to erase the tree and start over so I can test out of the initial stuff but I don't want to lose my progress on the labs, my word list, and my level.


What I do with the lessons I've already completed is press the 'Test Out' button, and think of it like a test.


oh yeah thatll make it quicker. I really dont need to relearn numbers haha


Thank you. Would be nice to have got some warning. It took until I found this comment to know what's going on. I use the app exclusively and nothing. It's rather pathetic actually. There should be a way to find out what happened and a way to link to FAQ or something. Very poor.

I do like the actual excerises, but this sort of thing is very frustrating.


Personally, I can attest to the discouraging nature of the change. I was halfway through the old French tree when the new tree showed up and once I saw that the update had wiped out a good bit of my progress, I gave up on Duo entirely until a couple of days ago. I am a busy guy, so even getting done with half of the French tree felt like a huge accomplishment and only now do I have the time and willingness to retake this journey.

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