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"That makes me sick to my stomach."

Translation:Ça me donne mal au ventre.

March 28, 2018



Duo has been pushing "mal au cœur" for nauseated for five or six lessons now, but suddenly it has become "mal au ventre". Do the French really use both?


and 'mal au coeur' is given as a hint.....


Are you sure that "Ça me fait mal au ventre" isn't also correct? I checked with the online Reverso Dictionary. This is an example they give under the entry "ventre": "→ ça nous fait mal au ventre ..."


Duo pushed "ça me fait mal au cœur" as "nauseated" for many lessons, and now it does not accept it and instead states: " ça me donne mal au ventre". What do French people really use? Please, may someone explain the difference?


I have been asking for a while now...why, if “donner” is the correct verb for this sentence, why is it not offered as a translation option? It would be extremely helpful, especially since most are not likely to know that “donne” means “makes” in this context.


Same question as the others posting here. I also wrote "Ça me fait mal au coeur."

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