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"Les filles et les garçons sont calmes."

Translation:The girls and the boys are calm.

March 28, 2018



Does anybody else hear "le garçon" instead of "les garçons" in the audio version?


If you listen carefully you'll hear the difference in sound between "les" and "le". The male audio voice is fairly clear here. I don't have access to the female voice.

Les garçons = "lay" garçons
Le garçon = "luh" garçon


Wow thanks that helped


it is real French. they sound the same in real life. only by context you can tell the difference. so this kind of ambiguous sentences shouldn't be used here. I get them wrong cause there is no context and I can't tell if it is singular or plural. :(


You can tell the difference in the audio if you listen carefully. Le is pronounced "luh" and Les sounds like "lay". There is a clear difference. "Real life" may not necessarily be the case, but the audio in this software is not ambiguous.


I like this because I feel I won't improve unless the material is somewhat challenging.

And believe me, these robot voices speak a LOT more clearly than the real life people of France! Listen to some videos on YouTube to see just how difficult it can be.


Yes, in french that "s" never sound, it is plural because the verb "sont" plural.


I don't know how you don't know that for 'filles' is used 'la', not 'le' so when it sounds like it says 'le' it should be clear that it's going to be les filles et les garçons.


In English it is quite reasonable to say "The girls and boys..." rather than "The girls and the boys..." which just sounds a bit 'clunky' and affected ...


Yes, you are right. "The girls and boys" is now accepted as well.


I was thinking the same thing. Was wondering if they ever say "les garçons et filles..."


Not in good French. The definite article "les" is required here. Sometimes if you have a long list of things, 4-5 or more nouns together, you can drop the articles. Otherwise, keep the articles with their nouns.


I can hear the difference, I think it just takes practice at hearing French speaking and breaking down what you hear. Remember le sounds more like "luh" and les sounds closer to "lay"


Yes I heard le garcon, there is no difference in the audio version


Moot point maybe, but what is it about all these examples using the words "rich" and "calm?" I like this app but can't remember the last time I described anyone as either.


I think they use riche et calme because they are gender neutral and easier to use in the early lessons.


I can hear the difference when the man speaks, but not when the woman speaks.


I heard "les garçons" and not "le garçon" and the translation states "the girls and the boys are calm", so I don't understand why I was marked as incorrect


A typo perhaps? Otherwise, without your sentence it is impossible to know.


Quand moi je mais 'les garçons' a la place de 'les filles' il ma marquer incorrect... Pour une raison dir 'les garçon et les filles' à l'air d'être plus naturelle, non?


It is not a question of which sounds more natural to you, the computer marks it as incorrect if the order of the words is reversed. Please try to translation as closely as possible to the original phrase and keep the same order of the words.


i wrote "the boys and the girls are calm" instead of "the girls and the boys are calm" does it matter what order it goes in or was duo right?


A human teacher could probably see that you understood the sentence but mixed up the order. A computer is less smart and the first deviation from the entered answer will cause the computer to count it as wrong.


Do we still use "sont" if it was a singular girl and a singular boy? For example, la fille et le garçon sont calmes? If so, then how do we know if the subject was singular or plural to use "le" or "les"?


You would still use "sont" even with one girl and one boy because in total there are two people. You would know whether it was more than one girl or one boy by listening to the article. La fille et le garçon sont calmes. La and le sound very different from les.


i just don't seem to hear the difference between 'les' and 'le' ever i always have to rely on the verb to tell me which one it was...and this didn't work for this question coz with the girls involved, either 'le garçon' or 'les garçons' will give a 'sont'


I know what you mean!! I am more aware after CommeuneTexane's reply though and I hear the difference now! 'La' sounds like "Lah", 'Le' sounds like "Luh" and 'Les' sounds like "Lay" :)


Always make sure "The" is capitalized


I was exactly correct

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