"John mange des baguettes et du fromage."

Translation:John eats baguettes and cheese.

March 28, 2018

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Why not "some" cheese...?


Am I the only person who is noticing that this sentence is becoming insanely repetitious? Also, why is Jean not an appropriate translation for John? In actual face to face language classes, students are routinely given names in the language under study. This should be the case here.


I think there is a bug with the practice algorithm that causes some sentences to be shown too often. As far as proper names, those are not translated. John stays John whether in English or French and Jean stays Jean. Unfortunately the first name "Jean" (a better choice, I agree!) wasn't an option to add to the course at the time this sentence was written.


Why not "John is eating baguettes and cheese"


I entered "Jean mange des baguettes et du fromage" because Jean is french for John. Should this be accepted?


John may be the equivalent of Jean in French but you don't necessarily translate personal names. If he is called "John" then you don't need to change his name.


The audio to me sounded like Jean rather than John.

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