"Vous vous êtes couché tard hier soir."

Translation:You went to bed late last night.

March 28, 2018

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I wrote " You were in bed late last night" and was marked wrong! Here, en Ecosse, that means 'you went to bed late last night' aargh......


Not accepted: "You went to bed late yesterday night"


How do i know when to say vous vous instead of just vous?


The verb here is "se coucher" (to go to bed), which is pronominal. This means the reflexive pronoun "se" must be converted according to the subject:

  • je me couche
  • tu te couches
  • il se couche
  • nous nous couchons
  • vous vous couchez
  • ils se couchent


Thanks for the quick response. If I do a search for "pronominal" verbs would that be the best term to find a list of other verbs that do the same thing?


Yes, they are called "pronominal verbs" or "reflexive verbs." You can start at this good website:



Thanks GOT...Is there more than one moderator for the french tree? I see you come in and help from time to time but usually it's n6zs. Btw, thanks!


You're welcome. There are four of us active in the sentence discussions: sitesurf (SS), n6zs, CommeuneTexane (Tex), and myself (got). We share the load and answer everything we can. It's random who you'll see the most in your exercises.


That makes sense. Hard for me to imagine how many questions there must be to answer. I do see sitesurf a a lot, always great, but not Tex that much. I'll keep an eye out for, I'm guessing her, because CommeuneTexane looks feminine to me.


In dictation, I wrote "vous vous êtes couchés tard hier soir", treating "vous" as plural. It was marked correct, but it told me it should have been the singular "couché". Couldn't it be both?


Yes, it could. The audio has been reported and the audio exercise disabled until fixed.

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