"Family is very important to me."


March 28, 2018

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私にとって家庭はとても大切です // They should add the Kanji chars with Furigana otherwise it's a decoding nightmare!


I agree. I just got this sentence wrong thanks to the tiles. They should have one tile for one word (maybe include some extra as a trap), but still. This is the Japanese Course, we are here to study a language, not to hunt tigers


I have literally no idea how this sentence works.

I literally did it over and over again until I was able to just punch it in by memory


This sentence can be broken down into two parts: the main sentence is かていはとてもたいせつです "family is very important." I'm guessing you get that part; you've managed to reach level 11 after all. The clause わたしにとって is a bit tricky; とって is the -te form of とる, "to take", so it literally means "taking to me" which is why it can be a bit confusing; however, にとって is a set expression meaning something along the lines of "as far as ... is concerned" or "to ..."

Knowing that, this sentence basically says "as far as I'm concerned/to me, かていはとてもたいせつです" thus "family is very important to me."


Wouldn't kazoku be better here rather than katei?


かぞくis the people in your family. かてい is the concept of family.


Is it weird if we write/say かていはわたしにとって。。。。¿Instead? of わたしにとってかていは。。。。。。two sentence's topic are family. (Excuse my english).


This is my question too! I have been writing it as かていは私にとってとてもたいせつです。but I'm not sure if it sounds natural or not. I think maybe the other way is the conventional way


What does いは mean?


There's no such word as いは in this sentence; the い is the last syllable of かてい, followed by the particle は.


Is '私にとって' really required here? Does just '家庭はとても大切です' work?


It would translate only to "Family is very important". So, I guess 私にとって is important if you want to say "Family is very important to me"


I put かぞくは私にとってとても大切です and it got marked wrong. I don't see problems with this sentence, though


"家族は私にとって大変大切です" not accepted, would it not be a natural way to say this?


This sentence is broken down in a very strange and confusing way.

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