"Mon beau-père est le père de mon mari."

Translation:My father-in-law is my husband's father.

March 28, 2018

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my stepfather is my husband's father should also be accepted although it is somehow unlikely but possible in life... just because beau-pere... is the word in English for step father as well as father in law.... and we are about language learning and not complicated family situations....

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    My husband's mother married the father of his sister's husband. So his sister's stepfather did indeed become her father-in-law! Her beau-père became her beau-père.


    my husband's father is my father in law.... wrong?


    "My father in law is de father of my husband" was marked wrong. Duolingo is not consistent on the possessive apostrophe usage on these family lessons. I have been avoiding it and all my previous answers were marked as correct...why not this one???


    I'm sure you did not mean to use "de" for the English article "the".


    Why is the man saying this?

    [deactivated user]

      Why not? It's a lesson in terms for family members.


      It tests your comprehension of the language and forces you to move beyond pre-conceptions.


      What is the difference of the stepfather and father-in-law? In some questions both are synonym, in others they are not...


      I wrote ‘My husband’s father is my father-in-law’ and it was marked as wrong even though the previous question has exactly the same phrase concerning mother-in-law and was marked as correct when I used the same context. Unless there is one rule for female and another for male, this makes no sense whatsoever.

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