"I have brown eyes."

Translation:J'ai les yeux marron.

March 28, 2018



Note to those who may be confused: "marron" is a color named after a fruit (chestnut) and therefore does not change form for feminine or plural.

March 28, 2018


What is the French word for chestnut?

August 5, 2018


There are a few: châtaigne, marron, and alezan. "Alezan" refers to a color, not the nut. A "châtaigne" is the generic word for any random chestnut. A "marron" is specifically the large chestnuts cultivated for consumption or use in food. All marrons can be called châtaigne but only some châtaigne are marrons.

August 16, 2018


What's wrong with "bruns"?

March 29, 2018


Yes, I learned French in Canada, and it is always 'brun'. I had never heard 'marron' for brown before DL. Should be accepted.

October 24, 2018


Ditto. Canadian. Brun is what we were taught. I also never hard of marron for brown until DL.

January 9, 2019


Brun is used to describe an object that is brown and marron is used to describe hair and eye color

July 8, 2019


I found a very useful explanation on adjectives for colour: If the adjective derives from a noun (marron, orange, olive) its not adapted to gender and plural. If the adjective is combined with an adverb its not adapted either (des yeux bleu clair. Otherwise its adapted (une chemise bleue, un stylo bleu).

August 6, 2018


Why doesn't "brun" work here for "brown"?

March 30, 2018


yes, though I think it would be bruns in this case.

January 9, 2019


Why can't 'marron' be plural here?

April 3, 2018


Why is "marrons" wrong?

June 13, 2018


Zachary995438 161211 Note to those who may be confused: "marron" is a color named after a fruit (chestnut) and therefore does not change form for feminine or plural.

August 5, 2018


why is it "les" shouldn't be "des" ?

September 14, 2018


It is because you don't have some eyes, indeterminant number. You have only specific eyes, les yeux, and as they are body parts they are already assumed to be yours, no not mes yeux

January 9, 2019


Why not "mes yeux sont marron"?

April 5, 2018


possessives are rarely used with body parts

April 12, 2018


My eyes are brown. I have brown eyes. not the same sentences

August 5, 2018


S'il vous plait, pour quoi defois on dit: avoir + de + plurals (elles ont de chuassettes) et defois: avoir + des+plural (j'ai des yeux marron). Merci

June 28, 2019
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