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"jIjbe'chugh jagh, vaj jan Dalo'nIS."

Translation:If the enemy is not cooperative, then you need to use the device.

March 28, 2018



Could jIj also be translated "to cooperate"?


It can indeed, and "If the enemy does not cooperate, ..." is also accepted.


I got failed this twice because of missing punctuations (first the comma then the full stop) when translating English to Klingon. Could you check that?


Not from just that information, I'm afraid.

In general, Duo is supposed to ignore commas and full stops.

What might help is a screenshot -- the next time your answer is rejected merely because of a difference in punctuation, could you make a screenshot and upload it somewhere (e.g. an image-sharing host), then post the URL to the image in the appropriate sentence discussion?

First check that you got all the letters right (e.g. I [eye] versus l [ell]; all apostrophes; etc.).


Ah, sorry I didn't think of that. Will do next time.

Update: the problem seems to have been related to my sketchy internet connection rather than the punctuation. Should I delete my comment?

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