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Why capitals?

When you translate by tapping words the fact that the first word to use has a capital gives half the answer away. Why is that?

I also wonder what the point is to learn 46 languages and be at the very begining of many, this I see by some users. For sure that must be super confusing and not really beneficial? please explain.

March 28, 2018



I used to have loads of languages next to my username but that's just because I was checking out the other languages and seeing if I'd like to learn another


At first, I thought it was rather juvenile to have the first word of the sentence capitalized. It was sort of like cheating. However, now that I'm working on courses I see that this allows the addition of more complex sentences. If you have a foot up on the first word you can form more complex and more advanced sentences. It takes a while to notice but I now appreciate it..


Thanks now I understand!


This is an interesting feature. A few years ago before there were as many different types of lessons, I could complete skills on my friend's German Duolingo without knowing any German by starting with the capitalized word, then picking out what seemed to be nouns and verbs to build a sentence.

There was a time about a year and a half ago when they undid all of the capitalization for the android app at least, but that didn't last long.


yes it gives me the feeling I am much better than I am in reality! lol But maybe it does not matter as I still am not without any mistakes. And If you repeat enough it will sort of stick.

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