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million merci des apprenants de Duolingo

This is the place we can express our thanks for all the hard working contributors!

Ever since I started studying French with Duolingo I've been so grateful for this well-organized study tool. I can never say thank you enough to those who are involved to create the lessons and give helpful answers to each questions! (It is amazing how many threads there are under each sentences!)

I see many changing seems to be happening right now but I believe we, Duolingo learners are all capable to stand new challenge and appreciate even more for all the efforts.

Please leave your thank you note for Sitesurf CommeuneTexane n6zs Trofaste jrikhal (These are the names I saw in georgeoftruth's announcement)

March 28, 2018



That is very kind of you to say RhinoBug, Merci ! :-)
Honestly the best thanks is to keep practicing French daily. We hope the new tree succeeds, since we believe it is a much better tree with very useful new skills and vocabulary. In order for that to happen, all of use have to stick to with it so the retention rates don't fall. I think if people give it a fair chance, many will like the changes made.

Of course it is also lovely when members of the community contribute to learning by helping others in the forums, by answering questions, by posting interesting information pertaining to French, and by being kind. That is what makes this community special.

Bonne continuation tout le monde !

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