"Les cravates des hommes sont rouges."

Translation:The men's ties are red.

March 28, 2018

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I wrote: "The men's neckties are red" and it was marked as incorrect. I reported it because "necktie" is accepted in other sentences for "cravate."


the ties of some men or the men's ties.....both should be accepted....I think the ties of the men, or the ties of men should also score a correct answer... am I hair splitting?


But it is not "... of some men". You may have the impression that "des" is "some". That is often not correct and it is not correct here. "Des hommes" (here) indicates something that is possessed by men (plural). Don't confuse this "des" with the "des" which represents the plural of "un/une". In that case, there is no counterpart in English: un homme = a man, des hommes = men.

  • les cravates des hommes = the men's ties


Why is it "The men's ties are red, and not the man's tie is red...


My issue here is with the pronunciation of the word "cravates" the men's voice sounds like CRA-va-tes (three syllables and the first syllable sounds stronger) while the female voice sounds like cra-VATES (only two syllables -and stresses the second syllable)..??? Which one is correct?


The male voice uses a different accent similar to what you would find in the southwest of France. It is normal.


How would you say "the man's ties" vs "the men's ties"


Des hommes: Does it mean both 'the men's' and 'the man's'?

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