"What is the name of that castle?"

Translation:Jak se jmenuje tamhleten hrad?

March 28, 2018

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"Jaké je jméno toho hradu?" is correct too :D


Added. Though it's kinda unnatural. A sentence using jmenovat se is much better.


why isn't it genetiv ? the name of...


Because it is not a direct translation, the Czech sentence uses a different construct that dos not work that well in English, something like *"How is that castle named?"

If you want a direct translation with a genitive, it is: Jaké je jméno tamhletoho hradu?


I cannot remember to have heard tamhleten much in CR, just as much toho, tento, so spisovna or hovorova is tamhleten really that frequent?


According to the corpus it is more common in written Czech, with frequency roughly 3 tamten : 1 tamhleten.

But for "this" it is MUCH more complicated regarding what you can actually hear and what is used in writing and what may be accepted here
https://i.nahraj.to/f/2hpY.png https://i.nahraj.to/f/2hpY.png


"Tamhleten" není moc spisovné, tedy...


Je to spisovně, byť se jedná o slovo z hovorové češtiny. Stačí se podívat do IJP ÚJČ AV ČR.

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