"Mes parents viennent d'appeler."

Translation:My parents just called.

March 28, 2018

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My parents are coming to call... ?


No because the expression "viennent de" + infinitive (or any other conjugation of "venir de") means "just". It is an indication that the action of the infinitive has occurred only recently. It is called the "near past" or "recent past". It works much like "near future". You can read the Tips & Notes online or open this page in a browser: https://www.thoughtco.com/french-recent-grammar-and-pronunciation-glossary-1369062


Where are the Tips and Notes? I looked for them but couldn't find them!


British English prefers "My parents have just called". We would understand "My parents just called" as "They called - they did not do anything else".


In situations where there are different possible interpretations, we look at what is most likely to be understood. Of course, you may say "...have just called" and that is acceptable. But the expression "Honey, my parents just called" would be understood that they called a little while ago, not that they only called and did not do anything else.


Why is it just instead of goin g to?


Going to would be "vont appeller". The excercise example is past tense. Something that happened recently. Literally it would translate to something like my parents come from calling.


Can anyone tell me if "Mes parents ont juste appelé" right in this case? Thanks.


No, "juste" doesn't mean the same thing used that way. See the link in my post above.


"mes parents ont juste appelé" means that your parents called but nothing more. Like they did not send money.


Okay. I put "My parents just called" and was told I was wrong and that the correct answer was "My parents have just called." Then I come here and see the translation. It has been reported and we shall see. In the meantime, I don't like owls much.


This roll-out of a new version has more than the usual issues. Not the least of which is the lag time in corrections being made live. Of course your answer is correct (and you know that it is). So in the meantime, we need to be patient while the owl struggles to keep up.


The female speaker is very difficult to hear. Is it my phone?


I doubt that it is your phone. The female audio has its issues but there is nothing to be done about it except wait for Duolingo to replace it. Five years and counting.......


I think it's very good to hear someone talking as people do; not over-clearly, etc. Or else you will get shocked out on the street

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With the male voice, the last word sounds like "dah pee". No sounds for the ler ending of appeler.

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