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  5. I can't advance at all.


I can't advance at all.

I took the first lesson a thousand times and aced it. I took the placement test. I took the test to get out of the first four lessons and passed. I am not getting any points and I can't seem to advance at all. What is going on? I want to learn and this site seems so good but it's not working! I am using Firefox.

I even switched languages in hopes that it would help, but I can't get any points at all.

April 19, 2014



Hello ChubbyMissBunny, my name is Usagi, it means Bunny in Japanese. ^_^

Please let me try to assist you. (Already, I see that many people have left really useful comments. If you are experiencing a glitch, the only thing to do is wait for staff. However, I will try to also add a few things that might be useful now or later.) I have really enjoyed learning a language here, and I am hoping that you will too. Starting anywhere new can be really stressful and frustrating because there are several little things to learn all at once and often there is not a guide book. Luckily, other users like you and me have collaborated to create an unofficial guidebook called the Duolingo Wiki. You can find that here: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Duolingo_Wiki

Hopefully we can figure this out together. As you can see, there is also a whole community full of helpful people who also want to help you. Anyone with a blue ring who comments is staff, so, if they show up and contradict something that I say, go with their suggestion.

A few common words you'll read a lot in Duolingo discussions:

  • Each course is called a Tree because if they were colored green they sorta, maybe look like the trees some of used to draw when we were younger (or that I might still draw >.> hehe)

  • Skills are each of those round things in your course. Examples of Skiils are Basics 1, Basics 2, Phrases, Food, Animals

  • You will find Lessons inside of each Skill. You will find them listed as "Lesson 1* and so on. These have Vocabulary written on the outside of each one.

  • Base language is the language from which you are learning another language.

  • Target language is the language you are learning.

Getting started

If you take the Placement Test, this means you already have some skills and are looking to skip ahead.

The other option is to choose the white egg with the blue background (Basics 1). Let's try this route since the other route gave you some difficulty. If you change your mind later and decide that you would rather have taken the Placement Test, you can reset your language tree. Just leave a comment that you want to do that and would like instructions and I or someone else can guide you step by step in how to do that. :)

Once you start your first skill, Basics 1, you must successfully complete Lesson 1 before Lesson 2 will open.

Once you have successfully completed all lessons in Basics 1, both of the skills Basics 2 and Phrases will open. You must successfully complete all lessons in those two skills before any other skills will open up.

As you progress down your Tree, you will go from getting 4 hearts (4 chances +1) to 3 (3 chances + 1) . If you have Lingots (Go to your home tab and enter the Lingot store. Scroll down and you will find instructions for how to earn lingots). You can use lingots to get up to 1 more chance each time you attempt a lesson. You should have a couple of lingots already because the community has donated some. See the red jewel at the bottom of your original post on this page.

If you successfully complete a lesson but your points show up once you exit the lesson and return to the tree, try refreshing the page. If that does not work, clear the cookies in your browser then return to Duolingo and refresh the page. If this still doesn't work, wait up to 15 minutes and refresh the page (you may need to do this on rare occasions.) If it still is not working, make a post in troubleshooting. Always post which operating system and browser you're using. (For example, I'm using Windows 7/Firefox. Sometimes, they'll need you to be more specific, like Windows7/Firefox 28 or something like that depending on which version of Firefox you're using.)

I really hope this has helped. If so, please let us know, if not, also let us know. We all want you to succeed here and will try our best to help you. :)


Wow, you are so nice. Thank you for the advice and all of the help. :) I'll try clearing my cookies, but I've waited several hours and nothing's happened. I've also already filed a problem with troubleshooting, so maybe on Monday someone can help me if it's not resolved by then.



I edited my post and added a few things. (I have a bad habbit of forgetting things and having to go back and add them >_< heh.)

It could very well be that you are experiencing a glitch. Duolingo is doing some major updates in the background and when that happens it always means a few bugs in the works. So, if you try everything suggested, the best thing you can do is enjoy a read through the wiki and discussions (or whatever you would enjoy doing) while Staff goes through their very long list of tasks and makes it to yours along the way. (I promise, they aren't ignoring you. There are 32 of them and over 25 million users. But, they will be hiring 50 new people soonish.

Meanwhile, welcome to the community. ^_^ Sorry it's been a rough start.


Usagi, This is in regards to the "glitch" that you reference above. I have been unable to access my email messages from Duolingo. Usually I get a message "Usagiboy7 has posted on your stream." and then there is a little green button that I click on that says "go to activity." I haven't been getting the "go to activity" button and have been missing things that people send me. Do you think this is a glitch? Thanks, JoLynne



Yes Y^Y I'm experiencing the same thing with my notifications. Either I get a blank page or a 404. With all of the notifications I process (50-500) each day, I've been living in a nightmare the past couple of days!! (Luckily, my ratio of working notifications has been a little higher today.) Sometimes, everything but my Home tab stops working as well! (Poor Duo!) So, it's not just you. Someone posted a discussion in Troubleshooting https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2657236 please leave you comment over there. :)


Usagiboy, has this problem been fixed for you? We deployed a fix earlier today.


Luis, I believe so. I just went and tested it by opening a ton of notifications. All opened successfully. Many many thanks to the tech team! ^_^


I've had the same problem.


While the site maintenance is going on I'm learning by just taking the placement test over and over. It's different every time.


In addition to saying that you are using firefox: which version* are you using, and which operating system?. How are you connected to the internet**? Some internet connections seem to be causing problems (I think mostly satellite). Could it have something to do with that?

Adding all these specifics can help the team figure out what the problem might be. Keep in mind, it is Saturday though, so it might take a bit until you hear back. You could also use the support button on the left and let the team know there is a problem. if you do so I would highly recommend putting the link to this discussion, so they can get a detailed idea of what is going on.


Franky ;-)


Thank you for being so helpful through this issue, you're really nice. I am using Firefox v 22.0, on a pc with a wifi connection.


ChubbyMissBunny, what kind of internet connection do you have? Are you behind a proxy? Do you have satellite internet?


I have no idea. ❤❤❤❤❤❤ man, I'm an artist not a techie! </star trek>


I have seen a couple of post where people said they have problems with the site when using Firefox. Maybe try a different web browser.


Oh that's not good then, I can't download programs onto this computer.


If you are using PC you could try using Internet Explorer...


I can't download anything with this PC sadly, but thank you.


Internet explorer SHOULD be in your pc by default if it use windows. So don't need to download anything.


But it's not. :/ This used to be my mom's laptop and she made sure I was only allowed to use it on a guest account. Then when she broke some of the keys she got a new one and gave me this one, but she refused to give me admin privileges and now she's forgotten her password. It's pretty crappy.


Actually I found this thing called a Trinity Rescue Kit that lets me override admin privileges and allow me to access the admin account and change the password. I might be able to get my program working after all. :)


Are you clicking the "continue" button after you answer the last question? If you just return to the home page, it doesn't consider the lesson completed.


Yes I am, but thank you for your help.


I can't get out of the Arabic settings for duolingo. I can't read my messages or follow the buttons since they are in Arabic. I want to delete and start over. HOw is this possible?

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