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"Je suis toujours dans un fauteuil roulant."

Translation:I am still in a wheelchair.

March 28, 2018


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Why does toujours mean "still" not "always" in this case?


j'ai la meme question.


Why not "I am always in a wheelchair?"


always give a feeling of eternity. Still gives a feeling of hope it may not be permanent. Still can be translated by "encore"


But the sentence has "toujours", not "encore".


if you had to translate by "toujours" it would be "pour toujours"= for ever. je suis dans un fauteuil roulant pour toujours= I will always be in a wheelchair or I am in a wheelchair for ever Je suis toujours dans un fauteuil roulant (and may be tomorrow not) = I am still in a wheel chair . Je l'aime toujours = I still love her. je l'ai toujours aimé =I have always loved him


So, if "toujours" has to mean "still", how would you say "I am always in a wheelchair"? I can easily see this as an expression of exasperation or despair.

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