Streak freeze

I had to buy a streak freeze and when I now use Duolingo with my browser, it is showing my correct streak (114 days). But when I use the Duolingo app it's telling me I only have a 1 day streak! Can you please fix this?



April 19, 2014


Hi Andy,

Streak on the website and on the app work differently. The website uses General Streak. That means, so long as you earn 1 point in any language you are learning, you can maintain your streak. The Streak Freeze only works for General Streaks.

The App uses 2 kinds of streaks: Individual language streak and Coach.

Individual language streak means that you must gain at least 1 point in every language that you are learning.

If you use the Coach, you must earn as many points as you set your Coach to each day or you will lose your app streak.

I hope this has helped. :)

I have noticed that the general streak is shown after completing an exercise. Thanks for the clarification! You've just earned yourself a lingot.

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