"He is a man."

Translation:Lui è un uomo.

March 22, 2013

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I'm not quite sure I understand the accent marks yet. what is the difference between an accent facing foreward versus one facing backwards?


Lui e' un uomo is correct. The problem is the e' which is the best the phone can do. The computer accepts the e'.


I whrite that but it was wrong to me


I'm a native speaker of italian and I am not able to hear the difference between the two accents as well.

95% of italian words with accent use the left-facing accent  ((grave)

"Perché" (why/because), ventitré (twenty-three) use the right-facing accent () (acute), but IMHO few people in italy know the real difference in pronunciation
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Standard (and scholastic) pronunciation is attentive to the differences between acute and grave accent and some words change their meaning. E. G. vènti e vénti. In northern Italy this difference is not perceived, but is a limitation.


Don't believe pronounciation different, it's correct or incorrect spelling of the word, e with accent to left in some Spanish words make for a different word entirely, pronounced the same but get meaning in sentence context.


I'm just guessing based on some elementary knowledge about ancient Greek accent marks and the example @pierugofoz presents: I guess the difference between two accents (` and ') is the intonation they imply. So in "Perché" which is a question and naturally raises the tone at the end, accent mark is going up as well ( ╯) (acuto). In case of "è" the pitch should remain the same or go down (otherwise it'll feel like a question) and the accent mark goes down.

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    If it's similar to French, a backwards accent is a shortened sound, so 'e', whereas a forward facing accent is lengthened pronounced 'aaay'. But I'm only a beginner at Italian so i can't say for sure but hope this might help .


    Why can't it be: Lui sei un uomo?


    You are = Tu sei .......... He/she is = Lui/Lei è .......... I am = io sono .......... They are = Loro sono .......... We are = Noi siamo .......... You all are = Voi siete.


    "Sei" is the present conjugation for verb "ESSERE" (to be) in its second person. So it cannot be "lui". as Lui is the personal subject pronoun for the third person of the verbs. U shoud use instead the coniugation of the third person of verb "To Be: "è" SO is "Lui è". :) CIAO


    How do you get the dot over the e?


    Varies by your device, but in my case, long pressing the 'e' gives me options for accented characters

    You can try different keyboards to find the best one for you.


    Why is it "un uomo" and not "l'uomo"?


    Beacuse l'uomo means the man and uomo means only man


    And please give a like


    Just to help people out, if you have a Microsoft computer, you could go to settings, and search for "languages", then you click on add a language. Select the Italian icon, and now, you can switch your keypad (the one on the screen, not the actual keypad) from English to Italian and it has the accents too.


    Should the proper translation not be "Lui è un'uomo" because we drop the "o" at the end of uno?


    Yes, uno for male nouns sometimes is un depending on the vowel/consonant of the following word. In this case with uomo it'd be un ma in some other cases it stays uno as in 'uno zingaro' or 'uno speciale'. It much depends on the following vowel/consonant. Un' is used for feminine nouns e.g. un'amica etc. Better explained here http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/italian/language_notes/un.html


    I understand the need to drop the last letter from una or uno depending on the following word, I was more just interested in when it is appropriate to use an apostrophe to link un and another word.

    If I understand you correctly un' is only ever used for feminine nouns and never for male?


    Yes, only used for feminine. Using un' for male pronouns is seen as a grave, grave, grave mistake :)


    Why is "Lui sei un uomo" wrong?


    Why does Duolingo always want the personal pronoun if it's bot needed. Same in greek and latin course


    I cannot make the accent over the e on my phone.


    I cant do the accents


    I'm trying so hard to learn, but it's like the information goes In one ear and out the other.


    How can i get accents on my keyboard?


    My keyboard does not support accents you should allow e'


    The inflection cannot be placed above the letter. The keyboard on the phone cannot place it above. Only following the letter. This should be allowed.


    How do you get the accent aboe the e?


    Shouldn't "Lui è uomo" be correct as well? (Duolingo marks it wrong.)

    I'm sure I've heard "Sono uomo" before (without the article "un").


    I selected correct answer its sayong is wrong though

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      If it's similar to French, a backwards facing accent shortens the sound, so 'e' whereas a forward facing accent lengthens it 'aaay'. Although I'm only an italian beginner so can't say for definite. But hope that helps.


      I don't know how to do accents on my phone!


      I can't make e` in keyboard


      When is it e and when is it sono?


      How do I type accents?


      My phone doesn't allow me place the accent the right way


      My phone doesn't allow me place the accent the right way


      When I am answering...I can't write "e`" correctly with my keyboard...what can I do ??


      How di we say he is a man in French


      Whats the difference between 'la' and 'un' when using it in a sentence?


      I don't have the Italian leathers!


      How do i get the accent mark when typing?


      Cannot put the accent on the e`


      I am very fluent in Italian so i type fast that's why I do some mistakes


      I couldn't put the accent


      What is the meaning of é?

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