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"tlhInganpu' maH'a'? HISlaH. tlhInganpu' maH!"

Translation:Are we Klingons? Yes. We are Klingons!

March 28, 2018



When we humans slip out of disguise


And start eating pannaS -- a true warrior's vegetable!


what does pannasS mean? in klingon


pannaS means nothing in Klingon; it's a Welsh joke.


It's parsnips, isn't it?


However, pan. naS. means "It sparks. It is vicious."


So, tlhingan maH is incorrect? Or the suffix -pu' is optional on tlhingan?


Grammatically, the plural suffixes are not required in Klingon. tlhInganpu' maH and tlhIngan maH mean exactly the same thing.

There are some sentences where it could be confusing. If a pair of people say SuvwI' HoD je maH, does that mean that one of them is a warrior and one of them is a captain or that both of them are warriors and captains? Without more context, you can not be sure. Though if they say SuvwI'pu' HoDpu' je maH then it makes it clear that both of them must be both of those things.

Grammatically, the plural suffixes are always optional, but for good style, you should use them if context or other parts of the sentence (like a prefix or a pronoun) don't make them obvious.


Thank you for the explanation! jIyaj DaH (or DaH jIyaj?)! Qapla'!


The time context marker goes at the beginning so: DaH jIyaj.


Ok, thanks! DaH jIyaj! ^-^' Qapla'!


Or the suffix -pu' is optional on tlhingan?

From the tips and notes to the "Basic" (aka "Sentences-1") lesson:

Plural suffixes in Klingon are optional and can be left off. Later on, you may come across sentences where only the grammar tells you that a noun must be plural.

(See https://www.duolingo.com/skill/kl/Sentences-1/tips-and-notes .)


Remember that tIquvma (T'kuvma) said in the first episode of DSC 'tlhIngan maH. taHjaj.' Thanks to this quote i always remember that the -pu' is optional if you use the a word like 'we'.


Does anyone know what the Klingon sumbol for "qaghwI'" is?


Sort of. Many Klingonists use a type of alphabet that resembles the characters we have seen in the movies and TV shows. This alphabet has even been seen on Discovery. But much of what we have seen before Discovery does not exactly resemble this alphabet and is not readable with this alphabet.

The character is shaped and positioned very much like an apostrophe, but with a wiggle. You can see it at:

In a word, it looks like this:

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