"Est-ce qu'il fait chaud en Namibie ?"

Translation:Is it hot in Namibia?

March 28, 2018

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Why Namibia? It was never a French colony. They don't speak French there. There are many French-speaking African countries that are hot.


So you don't want to know how the French refer to other countries in the world? I have been to Namibia and, yes, it is hot!!


Sure, but since the number of countries they can teach in this course is extremely limited it makes sense to focus on French-speaking countries. Let's not forget the majority of French speakers world-wide live in Africa. Only three African countries are taught in this lesson: Cameroon, Egypt, and Namibia.


It was my travels through Africa in 1986 that endeared me to the French language. I live in Australia but I would like people to learn that we are l'Australie. They teach Amérique so why not other countries on this planet?

It is more important to teach the African country names because, as you said, the majority of French speakers world-wide live in Africa so they should learn their neighbour-countries names.

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He wasn't complaining about learning names of African countries. He was asking why, out of all the African countries, did they pick this one?

There are many countries that speak French in Africa that weren't chosen. There are also many non-francophone countries in Africa that are more important to global politics or economics than Namibia.

I think the answer is that they were looking for countries that had different names in English and French, and most notable African countries have either the same name in French and English (Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal), or an easily translated name (South Africa, the 2 Congos).

So they skipped over all of these and picked Namibia.


There is now a question that involves Australia


didnt even know this was a country tbh


I answered with "Yes" :(

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