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Is there a way to find one's own posts?

Sometimes, after I post a comment, I think of something else to ask or to add to an answer that I gave to someone's question. I know I can edit my post if I'm still "in" the discussion, but if I've already closed the discussion window and moved on to another exercise, I don't know how to get back to the discussion again.

Sometimes I can find it by repeating the lesson or the practice session, but other times that doesn't work because the right exercise doesn't come up again.

Is there, or will there be someday, a way to find my (ahem) contributions? That might be a handy feature, if it doesn't exist...

March 28, 2018



Thanks, everyone for your suggestions! After reading them, I started poking around in the Discussion section and... VOILÁ! There were all of the discussions I'm following under... um... "Followed." (Imagine that!) This is very cool.


You can just follow the discussion. The button is on the top right.


But what if I didn't follow it? Does that mean it could've been replied to or deleted?


You can use the search feature to search for that post among all the Duolingo discussion threads. It is just right of the Discussion stream heading.


Yes, you can watch the discussion here, and then you will be shown when someone is contributing and will appear to you in the discussions.


New but related question...

In the Followed section under Discussion, should I see ALL of my posts in discussions for which I clicked the Follow Discussion button? I made several posts both yesterday and today, and only one or two are shown...

I do occasionally forget to click Follow, but I'm pretty sure I haven't forgotten that many times in two days! :-)

Thanks for any insight you can provide.


I think you should see all your followed discussions, but sometimes that doesn't happen reliably?! Another thing is that your followed discussions are listed chronologically, that means from the oldest ones to the newest ones on top (for example opening a thread by yourself). When you comment in a thread having been started six months ago, you'll find this particular followed (old!) discussion way down in your list. Also consider the somehow strange constellation that your seemingly first comment in a new discussion doesn't necessarily have to be the real first one because somebody commented before, but then (maybe) deleted it. Then Duolingo still remembers the date of the first (deleted) comment and not your personal new one, and you won't find the discussion at the top of your followed ones.

What is more annoying in my opinion is the bug that the number of responses to a followed discussion shown by Duolingo is often totally wrong! It even changes sometimes when you only refresh the site.


"When you comment in a thread having been started six months ago, you'll find this particular followed (old!) discussion way down in your list."

AHA!!! So that's what's going on! Thanks for pointing this out, and for the heads-up on the other peculiarities/annoyances. Much appreciated!

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