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"What is inside the bun?"

So I look at my followed discussions, and I see this one, titled "What is inside the bun?", apparently posted a month ago. I click on it, and I see that it's posted in the French forum, and all there is is a title, "What is inside the bun?", and the way it's formatted, it looks like the title's been posted by me – that, and nothing else.

Really it looks like an orphan sentence discussion, which should have been in the Chinese forum. However, there's no actual Chinese sentence, only what I guess is the translation, which looks like the title of the discussion, and no comment below the title.

I believe I commented on a Chinese sentence whose English translation was given as "What is inside the bun?", but for some reason the comment is gone, all that's left is the English translation, and for some reason it was posted in the French forum.

I clicked on "edit" to move the discussion to Chinese and provide this explanation, which is how you're now reading this text. I don't know where this comment will end up, though.

Further edit: It looks like it's now in the Chinese forum. But I still have some of these orphan discussions in the French forum, though they were clearly originally from the Chinese course. I've now made a similar comment to this one in the troubleshooting forum:

March 28, 2018


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