"The house does not have a basement."

Translation:La casa no tiene sótano.

9 months ago



la casa no tiene un sótano....what is wrong with having...un sótano..??

9 months ago

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Nothing. It should have been accepted.

7 months ago


Bumping this, I also don't understand why the 'un' is not included.

9 months ago

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I thought I JUST got corrected for putting "un" in a similar sentence!

7 months ago


Here is a good article on when to use and when to omit articles in Spanish: https://www.realfastspanish.com/grammar/spanish-articles

"When you are talking about things (just stuff in general), you don’t need to use an article if you are talking about these things in a general, especially if quantity isn’t important." So, when you want to just say whether or not you have something, you omit the un/una (tengo coche, tengo silla, etc.) But, if you want to specify that you only have one car or one chair, you would say "tengo un coche" or "tengo una silla"

1 month ago


This is a helpful article, thanks. Unfortunately DL is not very consistent with this or some other points. Overall it's a great learning platform. But when you're trying to avoid getting dinged to do so over something quasi-arbitrary is infuriating.

1 month ago


same question here!

7 months ago


yo tambien

6 months ago


I'm wondering why also.

9 months ago


Me too ???

7 months ago


La casa no tiene un sótano...why was this marked incorrect?

3 months ago


Same question as all the above.

3 months ago


I looked through a lot of examples on SpanishDict and couldn't find a single one where "sótano" was used without the article ("un" or "el"). The preferred translation certainly seems incorrect.

2 months ago


Although this comment is redundant my frustration leads me to make it. Clearly this sentence requires the article "a". See all previous comments.

2 months ago

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Ask Spanish Dict for a translation of 'The house has a basement' and the lead answer (from Microsoft) includes 'un' in the translation, but ask it to translate 'The house does not have a basement' and there's no 'un'!!! I think people should hold back a bit on the criticisms of DL, especially if they are using the free version. They may very occasionally be inconsistent but they offer a fantastic resource. Keep up the good work, I say (I'm not connected to DL in anyway, other than as a satisfied client).

3 weeks ago


so the next question I got was "Ellos tienen una secadora en el cuarto" so why una here and un is wrong in this example - this does not appear consistent. Acording to Seant18 below the correct translation would be They have ONE dryer in the bedroom but duo accepts a dryer"

4 days ago
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