"'oH wItI'laH'a'? HISlaH, wItI'laH!"

Translation:Can we fix it? Yes, we can fix it!

March 28, 2018

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B'Etor the Builder?


Something like that, yes :)


What would "the builder" be in Klingon?


There are a couple options. mutlhwI' is a "constructor" or "manufacturer", but is usually preceded by the specific thing they build. chenmoHwI' is a "maker" or "creator" and is probably a good option for "B'Etor the Builder".


Would qachmey mutlhwI' work?


More likely a qach mutlhwI', if we look at the example compounds beb mutlhwI' "roofer", majyang mutlhwI' "tiler", and 'och mutlhwI' "plumber".

(Compare, perhaps, also English compounds such as "trouser leg" or "scissor blade" which use the singular "trouser, scissor" in compounds even when they are plural "trousers, scissors" on their own.)


User comment: The amount of apostrophes required for a right answer is annoying.

Response: You want to leave out the letter qaghwI'? Why not ignore the letters Hay and 'It, too? Don't pick on qaghwI'. It deserves to be typed just as much as any other letter does.


Why is ['oH] needed? Shouldn't [wItI'laH'a'] be enough to mean "Can we fix it?"?Since the second sentence doesn't use ['oH], why does the first sentence?


It isn't required and a version without it is listed as an accepted translation. The "best translation" (the one shown to you) includes 'oH to distinguish it from ghaH which could be possible if you don't include a pronoun. But it's just fine without the pronoun.

If your answer was rejected it might have been for a different reason. I don't see any reports. Did you get a screen shot?


Ah, thank you!

It was an audio question which required me to write it as it was said in Klingon, not to translate the English phrase to Klingon. So when it was shown translated as 'Can we fix it?' I was confused because I only knew it without the ['oH].

I got it wrong because I didn't understand why ['oH] would be there (since I understood the sentence without it) and so I left it off so the correction would tell me what exactly was being said. So it wasn't anything Duolingo did wrong.

I haven't gotten to the pronouns lessons and learned GhaH yet, but when I do I can review this. :)

Thank you for the prompt response!

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