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Hiragana: ゐ ゑ ゔ

[deactivated user]

    There are ゐ [WI], ゑ [WE], ゔ [VU] characters in some hiragana charts. Are they used anywhere? Should I learn them?

    March 28, 2018



    ゐ and ゑ (and their katakana equivalents) are obsolete and no longer used. ゔ is usually only used in its katakana form (ヴ) in some loanwords, but I think it's interchangeable with ブ


    Hi! No, you don't need them, unless you're planning to read ancient texts in the original (from centuries ago.) The VU may be useful but only in katakana, since you can sometimes see it in the names of foreigners (like mine - I use that third one.) Good luck!


    Even in modern Japanese, ゐ and ゑ are still used in some names (people, places, products,...). They are still among the legally permitted characters you can use when registering the name of a child in Japan.

    For one of my favourite animes, the manga artist あらゐけいいち has ゐ in his family name. And when he romanises his own name he writes it as "Arawi Keiichi".

    I'd suggest that it's not necessary to learn ゐ/ヰ, ゑ/ヱ, and ゔ/ヴ until after you've mastered the standard hiragana, katakana, and at least a thousand kanji. But eventually at some point it would be good to learn these less essential, obsolete kana for the very rare times you might encounter them. ^^


    I've only seen them used in older (centuries older) history-channel type ❤❤❤❤. you'll only need modern katakana/hiragana and kanji. you could learn them if you're really interested but they'll probably only come in handy if you're friends with a bunch of old people with old Japanese books.ゐ andゑ are never used.ゔ is only used in kana asヴ.


    Unless you’re trying to translate documents from medieval Japan up to the 1940’s, those characters won’t help you much.


    I can predict the most likely scenario in which the additional no longer used kana would be useful to you. You're in a bar and you wanna order something and then you see this ヱビス thing and wonder what the heck is that first thing there, well that's katakana for ye, and you read the word as えびす (same as the Japanese god of luck). It's a beer. Basically, nope, don't worry about it, you can learn it for fun later if you want to, or even now, but they're literally never used.


    hehe, I believe that is the only real life occasion for me too when I've needed the obsolete kana. :D 15 years and counting...


    i never seen these characters, and they might have shown up in songs i listen to (vu) only


    You don't have to, these hiragana characters is not used anymore. Also, hiragana "vu" is only used in Katakana

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