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"Jmenují se František a Matěj."

Translation:Their names are František and Matěj.

March 28, 2018



Can we get some more names? I would like to learn some other czech names and i think that would add some variety


The next revision of the course will be quite different in this regard. We can't add new words to the existing version.

You can learn names in many other places. This is the first Google hit: https://news.expats.cz/weekly-czech-news/what-are-the-most-common-czech-names/


I feel like it would make more sense to say "They are called/named František and Matěj."


That version is also accepted as a valid translation.


But not "they're called..."


Contractions are accepted automatically. If any sentencewas not accepted you must use the report button. If you want to ask about a sentence here, you must show the complete sentence. Double check for typos.


I thought jmenuji se means my name is, like jmenuju se.


Yes, "jmenuji se" and "jmenuju se" both mean "my name is". The first is more formal, the second more casual.

Take a closer look (or listen) and you'll notice there's a long vowel in "jmenují se" (their names are).

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