"N'écoute pas ce type."

Translation:Don't listen to that guy.

March 28, 2018



What is wrong with "Don't listen to this kind", or "Don't listen to this sort"?

March 28, 2018


type is informal for "guy". "Kind, sort, type" → genre

March 29, 2018


'Type' isn't accepted either, though; I just tried it.

July 15, 2018


That is because "type" in French = "guy" in English and "genre" in French = "type" in English.

"Don't listen to that type" does not really make any sense.

July 16, 2018


Cf. def'n 2 http://www.larousse.fr/dictionnaires/francais-anglais/type/79391 Checking Google NGrams "type de musique" and "genre de musique" are close to tied as of 2008. Incidentally, "type d'art" is actually about twice as common as "genre d'art."

I can imagine uses for "Don't listen to that type." As to whether this particular French sentence could plausibly be interpreted that way, I defer to others.

July 16, 2018
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