"Il a une casquette et un maillot foncés."

Translation:He has a dark cap and jersey.

March 28, 2018

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He has a cap and a dark jersey?


Note that "foncés" is in its plural form, meaning both cap and jersey are dark.


But in English the 'dark' would refer only to the cap. This isn't a proper translation. It should probably be "a dark cap and a dark jersey".

In french there are often cases where alternate wordings are used. In English this would be one case where that could be done.

He has a cap and a jersey which are both dark.


I encountered this sentence as an audio exercise. Would there be any way of hearing the difference between "Il a une casquette et un maillot foncés" and Il a une casquette et un maillot foncé," or would there need to be more context, or . . . ."


No, you can't. Unfortunately, this is a big problem for French language. You need a lot of context in oral speech in order to be able to figure the writing form.


Yes, that is one thing I have noted several times during my study on DL. A lot of words are not very specific without the context.

In the specific case I think I was asking if they could hear the 'n' in an audio. If there are many cases where that isn't sufficient, then it's a real problem because we can't hear a silent 'e' either.


Good point!


Foncés is plural and must refer to both singular objects.


How do you know that dark modifies both cap and jersey and not just jersey?


The adjective "foncés" is written in a plural form.


What does "jersey" entail typically? In America, it generally refers to a football shirt or similar, but I believe in Europe it can refer to a sweater perhaps?


"Un maillot" is a shirt worn for sports. It can also be a leotard or an undershirt. You are correct about the jersey for US and UK.


Great. So I guess we're imagining a player at a sports game. Got it. Thanks.


In the context of football or rugby it would be a shirt, in the context of an over garment it could be a jersey, jumper, sweater or pullover.


A jersey is a type of pullover shirt worn by a sports team. They are very popular garments all over the world for sports fans and hip-hop enthusiasts.

I suggest you do Google image searches for jersey and maillot Look at the pictures, then decide which word to call it in your own dialect. Duo will accept at least 20 variants for this item, so you shouldn't have to use a word you're unfamiliar with.

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    "Maillot" = singlet! In Engish that's a vest!


    To writing from English, force and foncés are pronounced same?


    The problem here is the English solution. He has a dark cap and indeterminate jumper.


    The cap and jersey are both dark. In English, a single adjective can modify all nouns in a conjunction. "The dog and the cat are black." "I like pink roses and carnations."


    Correct answer given but rejected


    We also use jumper for jersey

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