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practice writing

Just a quick suggestion, Doulingo should have a page where you can practice writing letters/symbols in the Langauge you're learning about. I'm learning Japanese and have no idea how to write down my symbols because I take notes. Does anyone know how, or should Doulingo start this?

March 28, 2018



There are some good apps for this. I use one called Japanese! that lets you practice hiragana and katakana.


Duolingo should definitely implement or try to implement some sort of writing exercise for Japanese, considering how writing is literally an art form, and takes a lot of practice to do right. Typing is one thing, calligraphy is a whole nother. Plus, I think it would be beneficial, not only for this ancient art form but for language learning as well, to focus on the physical act of writing.

I’ve never yet attempted to learn any Japanese or Chinese scripts, but I did take a Russian class in college where the teacher had us focus heavily on learning Cyrillic cursive. I know that’s not the same thing by any means, but the idea was that if you tangibly wrote something with your hands, you would learn it better. I found that to be true. I’m sure the same applies for any language.


How Duolingo would implement this, I’m not exactly sure. My first thought was using the touchscreen on a smart phone (with the app, obviously) to mimic the strokes required to write a character. Stroke order, legibility and penmanship would be taken into consideration as to whether or not you “got it right”. I don’t know if that would work though. It’s an idea, I guess.

If it works for Japanese and Chinese, it could be expanded to the writing traditions of other languages. Just because it uses the Latin alphabet, doesn’t mean it couldn’t be beneficial to write it.


I was a bit saddened by the lack of typing exercises in Japanese; I've only gotten one in Korean and I've almost finished the tree. Hebrew, Greek and I think Russian all have writing exercises right off the bat. I'm hoping these two will get updated later to include this!


Here are some guides for hiragana and katakana:



Tips for kanji stroke order, in general: https://www.tofugu.com/japanese/kanji-stroke-order/

My issue is, there's only the "quiz" for each new word, and no place where you can just LOOK AT A LIST of each new word/phrase/sentence they're teaching you. Sometimes you just want to write out all the words you've been studying, but Duolingo doesn't make that easy. :(

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