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  5. "It is not my fault."

"It is not my fault."

Translation:Es ist nicht meine Schuld.

March 28, 2018



Could you say something like "es ist nicht wegen mich?" I know that's not word for word, but would it express the same general meaning in German?


Wegen should have dative afterwards, so "nicht wegen mir" - not because of me.


Or genitive in other most of other cases.


Ich bin Schuld,

hab vieles falsch gemacht,

vielleicht haben Träumereien uns zu Fall gebracht.

Und wenn ich schlaf‘

Seh‘ ich dich im Traum,

Will wieder aufwachen und dir in die Augen schaun.

(Glasperlenspiel - Nie vergessen)


Brings back memories of 'Andorra' - the play, not the place.


Could someone pls clarify, why Schulden meant debts in an earlier lesson and now Schuld is fault???


Words can have multiple meanings in any language. Like, the word "fault" in English can either be used like "it's not my fault", or like "we live on a fault line". Same spelling, same pronunciation, different meanings.

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