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"for which" in Spanish?

Earlier I wanted to make a statement about "the words I'm looking for," so I tried to say "for which." I don't understand how to apply the variety seen in the examples here:


Thanks for the help!

March 28, 2018



It is hard. An almost literal translation is "por lo cual", but it doesn't work in a lot of cases. "The words I'm looking for" is "las palabras que busco/que estoy buscando".


Hmm, ok, thanks. Would you tend to guess as I do that trying one of the constructions given there without understanding the nuances wouldn't sound any more odd than aught other quirks a non-native speaker is indulged?

Ooo, now I'm going to play with trying to express THAT thought in Spanish... A challenge! I have 56 lingots and the successful contender may name a token sum--since of course the real prize is the honor of rising to meet the challenge--up to 70! (Though how I'll know s/he was successful, I cannot say, lmao.)


if you use a comma you could use lo que, but thats cheating a guess


Sorry, I did not understand. Do you think you could explain what you mean, please?

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