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"There are Ainu people in Japan."


March 28, 2018



Two questions (for my enlightenment): First, why the "ha" after the "ni"? Does the "ni" not indicate "in Japan"? And second, given the issue of singular vs. plural (or lack thereof), is the "tachi" necessary to denote "people"? Certainly without it, the sentence could be read "There is an Ainu person in Japan." - but could the same sentence not be read the other way as well? Tnx, jmk


には basically means 'in', but it puts emphasis on 日本 For the Ainu People you can use アイヌ人、アイヌの人々、or アイヌの人たち(ainu jin, ainu no hitobito, or ainu no hitotachi) and they're all ok to use Hope it helps


Simply 日本にアイヌがいます was accepted.


I don't understand why these sentences are not consistent with each other. "Ainu people" have3 different translations and I have to guess which one is correct one here based on what?


why must i put a たち? isn't アイヌの人 enough to refer to them as plural?

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