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  5. "Que la maison est haute !"

"Que la maison est haute !"

Translation:How high the house is!

March 28, 2018



Why not how high is the house


Why is "How tall the house is!" not acceptable?


The grammar is awkwardb if not bad. The house is so high! This sounds better.


I think the language is bordering on poetic, in both French and English.


A more modern form in English would be "The house is so tall!"

At least I assume that is what they are referring to, unless the house is up in a tree or on a cliff face...


This sentence would normally be about how tall the house is, but could also be about how high up it is (e.g. perched high on a mountain cliff, or some such)?


Is the literal translation is "what the house is high!" ?? Could "que" be replaced with "comment".


You could say comment AFAIK. It seems like an anglicism to me.

Que is one very common way to start these exclamations, and Duo wants us to know it.

Sometimes it's a good idea to just learn what is being taught, instead of cooking up a dozen ways to say it, or falling back on old ways when Duo is trying to teach something new.

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